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Anyone who knows me knows that I love shoes. Apparently, I have for a long time, ever since I was little, which I wrote more about in this article about the most unbelievably comfortable high heels I’ve ever worn.

These days, I rarely wear heels, instead opting for comfort, comfort, comfort over style. That means, you’ll mostly find me in sneakers, sandals and my favorite Uggs (the new Ugg Classic Dipper platform boots are so cute and comfy!)

As most people will agree, prices have been steadily increasing and everything is more expensive these days – from gas to cereal and everything in between, including shoes.

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, “over the year ended June 2023, consumer prices increased 3.0 percent, after increasing 4.0 percent over the year ended in May 2023. The June 2023 increase was the smallest 12-month increase since March 2021. A year earlier, in June 2022, the 12-month increase in overall prices was 9.1 percent, and had been 7.0 percent or higher in the preceding 6 months.”

These days, money-saving strategies are crucial … which is why we write about saving money a lot. Here are a few of the top money-saving articles we’ve written recently:

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So, yes – I’m all about finding creative ways to save money when I’m shopping. It’s one of the reasons I prefer online shopping to in-person shopping, because I can easily compare prices to get the best deal without having to walk miles in a mall (remember when we used to have to do that??)

Some of my money-saving strategies when I’m shopping online include comparison shopping and signing up for newsletters that share subscriber-exclusive deals. I never purchase anything online without searching for a promo code for that retailer (and I almost always find one). I always check out the outlet versions of stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue and I almost always navigate to the clearance section of any retailer’s site to see what deals I can dig up.

But one of my best strategies for shopping for shoes specifically is to shop the kids section. This only works if your shoe size is a women’s size 9 or smaller. Did you know that big kid shoe sizes can fit many women? For instance, I’m a women’s size 7, which is equivalent to a big kids size 5 shoe. The shoe size chart from Nordstrom below shows the size conversions. According to Footwear News, the most commonly sold shoe size for women is size 7, although on average, women’s feet are between sizes 8.5 and 9. Read the full story here.

Now obviously I’m not talking about fancy shoes and certainly not high-heel shoes but many sneakers are made in the same or similar styles for adults and kids and kids shoes are cheaper than adult shoes. For example, the women’s Nike Air Max retail for $160 but the kids size can be found starting at $102.

The Tik Tok-famous women’s Ugg Tazz slippers retail for $130 but the kids version of the same shoe is $90. The same holds true for almost all Ugg styles. Kids Uggs, most of which come in all the same styles as the women’s Uggs, are considerably cheaper. Likewise, big kid Hunter boots are $90, compared with the women’s version, which range in price from $148 to $185.

I’ve saved lots of money by buying the kids versions of sneakers and boots and it’s a great money-saving tip you should try, too.


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