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A balance of 10,000 or 10k Bilt Points can be worth as much as $150 in rewards. There are several redemption options to consider so this article is going to list some of the most valuable. Note that award travel is usually the most valuable option for most Bilt World Elite Mastercard® cardholders, and don’t forget it’s the best card for rent payments. 

Royal Continental Hotel in Naples, Italy (June 2023). Credit: Johnny Jet

How Much Are 10k Bilt Points Worth for Travel in 2024?

Bilt Points have the most redemption flexibility when redeemed for award travel. In fact, Bilt Rewards tied for first place as the most valuable credit card points as points can be worth 1.25 cents or more. This means your points can be worth $125 and potentially higher.

25% Travel Redemption Bonus

Each point has a 25% redemption bonus and is worth 1.25 cents when booking award travel with the Bilt Rewards mobile app. After inputting your departure and arrival airports, the app compares flight prices and decides if it’s better to book through Bilt or transfer to an airline partner.

This award travel redemption bonus is similar to the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card where your points are worth 1.25 cents for flights, hotel, car rentals, cruises, and expeditions.

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1:1 Point Transfers

Transferring Bilt Points to airlines can be the more valuable travel redemption option, especially when your points are worth more than 1.25 cents. For example, a redemption value of 2.0 cents makes 10,000 points worth $200 in-flight rewards.

Finding above-average redemption options is easier when you fly in a premium cabin or on international flights. These two airline redemptions historically have higher redemption values as they require more points and you can have competition from U.S. and foreign carriers.

The Bilt airline transfer partners include:

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Emirates
  • Flying Blue (Air France-KLM)
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Turkish Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

IHG and World of Hyatt are the two 1:1 hotel transfer partners.

Here are some examples that Bilt provides about redeeming loyalty points for flights and nights:

  • Award flights to Hawaii from 7,500 miles with Hawaiian Airlines or Turkish Miles&Smiles
  • Short domestic flights on American Airlines from 7,500 miles
  • Stays at Hyatt Regency Merida in Mexico for 5,000 points per night
  • Stays at Hyatt Place Moab in Utah for 8,000 points per night

Like anything, low-cost award availability depends on your destination and travel dates.

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Redeem 10,000 Bilt Points for a Down Payment

The most valuable way to redeem Bilt Points is towards a mortgage down payment. It’s possible to consider buying a house through the Bilt Homes service and make each point worth 1.5 cents. In this situation, 10,000 reward points are worth $150, which is the highest fixed rate.

Of course, this isn’t going to be the most popular redemption option for many members as buying a home is expensive, Bilt Homes may not offer the best financing terms, and some people plan on being long-term renters for location flexibility and other conveniences.

You can search for homes in the Bilt App that can have a similar mortgage payment to your current monthly rent amount.

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How Much Are Bilt Points Worth for Rent?

It’s also possible to redeem Bilt rewards points towards your monthly rent cost. Surprising to some, this is one of the least valuable redemption options as the redemption value is only $0.0055 cents, which makes a 10,000-point balance worth around $55.

Instead, it’s best to pay rent with Bilt to earn 1 point per $1 and earn as much as 100,000 Bilt Points per year in fee-free rent rewards when you pay with the Bilt Credit Card. Then, you can redeem these points for travel, which is consistently the most valuable redemption option.

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Using 10,000 Bilt Points for Amazon Purchases

Like other credit card rewards programs, you can use Bilt Points when checking out at And like the other loyalty platforms, each point is worth less than 1 cent at 0.7 cents, so 10,000 points equals a $70 Amazon credit.

This can be a good option if you won’t be traveling soon as it’s one of the most valuable non-travel redemptions. However, you are better off earning points from retail purchases and banking them up for your next trip. Bilt Points don’t expire as long as your account remains open and in good standing, so there isn’t a hurry if it’s a long interval between award trips.

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Redeeming Bilt Points for Statement Credits

One of the newest Bilt Points redemption features is a cash statement credit. Points are worth approximately 1.1 cents when reducing your Bilt Credit Card balance. This method makes 10,000 points worth $110.

Statement credits are one of the most valuable non-travel redemption options. Additionally, it is the only way to get cash back. The choices require buying a home, merchandise, or paying rent.

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Bilt Collection Points Redemptions

Loyalty members can redeem points at the online Bilt Collection for curated home decor items at up to 1 cent each. A 10k Bilt Points balance can be worth up to $100 in redemptions, which can be more valuable than Amazon shopping credits.

The Bilt Collection updates its offerings quarterly to reflect the current season. However, the redemption value varies by item. It’s worth the time to only redeem at the maximum 1-cent value, which is the standard redemption value for credit card points.

Redeem Bilt Points for Fitness Classes

Using your Bilt Points for fitness sessions through SoulCycle, [solidcore], and Y7 studios lets you squeeze up to 1 cent per point. However, the total redemption value can be $100 or less.

One benefit is that you may only need as little as 2,700 points to book a session, which makes it an easy way to redeem a small balance. Like some of the other redemption examples, consider paying with money as you can earn up to 10x Bilt Points by booking these sessions through the Bilt App and saving your purchase rewards for award trips, even if it’s a year or so away.

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Final Thoughts

A balance of 10,000 Bilt Points can be worth $125 or more in award travel which is the best overall redemption option. The other non-travel redemption options usually have a redemption value below 1 cent with down payments and cash statement credits being notable exceptions. This award flexibility makes Bilt one of the best rewards credit cards.

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