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The Bilt Rewards is a program that many renters can benefit from as it’s possible to earn rewards on rent payments. You can rent 1x point per $1 on the first $100,000 per year. Now, this loyalty program is now offering a new Bilt Homes home-buying service that can help you redeem your Bilt Points for maximum value.

What is Bilt Homes?

Bilt Homes is a home-buying service available to Bilt Rewards members that describes itself as being “for renters, by renters.” Buying a house can be a complicated and lengthy process. Determining exactly how much house you can afford is one of the most challenging obstacles.

But this new feature shows what homes your current monthly rent payment can afford. This service also considers these factors:

  • Real-time interest rates
  • Taxes
  • Income
  • Credit profile
  • Other personal data

As rental rates have been increasing in recent years, buying a home may be an attractive option if you plan on living in the same place for a notable period of time. It’s possible to stabilize your housing costs and gradually build equity.

The service also provides credit insights and can report your monthly rent payments to the credit bureaus to help improve your credit score.

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Redeeming Bilt Points for Home Purchases

The Bilt World Elite Mastercard® is the easiest way to earn Bilt rewards points as your landlord doesn’t need to be part of the Bilt Rewards Alliance to earn rent payment rewards. Your other daily purchases will earn bonus points as well.

Typically, most people consider Bilt Points as most valuable when redeemed for travel through the Bilt Travel Portal as they can be worth 25% more (1.25 cents) for award travel. Redeem your points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities. Read about the Rewards and Benefits to learn more.

However, banking them up for a mortgage down payment is actually the most valuable option (1.5 cents) if you don’t need the instant gratification of a reward trip and you’re not planning on renting indefinitely.

There is no annual fee or a foreign transaction fee.

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This Bilt homes benefit addition is another reason for potential homebuyers to consider joining Bilt Rewards. This network offers one of the best credit cards for earning travel rewards. But if you’re not in a hurry to redeem them, saving them for a home down payment makes it easier to afford your dream house without draining your cash reserves.

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