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I don’t know if this video is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on a highway or the funniest. I suppose it’s both.
I live in Southern California so I’ve seen my fair share a crazy drivers and people doing crazy things behind the wheel, including reading a book (or script) while driving. I also wrote about a California woman driving an Audi SUV down the 405 with the hatchback open and no front right tire at 75 mph. That’s another crazy video you have to see.

A Texas highway.
I travel often and used to go to South Florida every three weeks to visit my elderly father to help him out. In my opinion and based on my experience on the drive between Miami and Delray Beach, the east coast of South Florida has the worst drivers in the country. Period.

Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t think they’re the worst in the world. That prize, in my humble opinion, would go to India. Maybe, they’re not the worst but certainly the most disorganized, most chaotic drivers I’ve ever witnessed. I still remember my two-hour drive from Nagpur to Kipling’s National Park. Cars were coming from every direction and the drivers beep their horns nonstop. They’re simultaneously dodging pedestrians, monkeys, elephants, dogs and families of five on motorbikes.

Threads user @mevictord posted a video yesterday with the caption, “Man seen arguing with his puppet on a Dallas highway.” Of course, with a caption like that, I just had to watch:


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I’m not sure if the driver keeps a puppet in his car to try and fool police if he’s driving in the HOV lane, if he’s practicing for a comedy gig or he’s just bored and talks to himself when he’s sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Some followers had some funny captions of their own: “I told you to take the residential streets but, NOOOOOO you head to take the highway. It’s 5:30 what were you thinking…. Bla bla bla. Another quipped: “At least he’s not shooting at anyone.” That’s the truth.

Watch the video and tell me what you think is going on here and if it’s the craziest and/or funniest thing you’ve seen on the Texas Highway.


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