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The new year always brings an influx of marriage proposals and there’s a destination proposal that’s currently going viral, thanks to an oblivious tourist. First off, there are a lot of moving parts to a planned proposal. My wife and I dated for five years before I popped the question. I thought I wanted to be a bachelor traveling the world all of my life until I found true love and discovered that my purpose on earth was to raise my two incredible kids. RELATED: Bill Murray and I Have Similar Advice For Couples About to Get Married

But that’s another story. But what is related is that I knew I wanted to propose to Natalie but I wanted it to be perfect. I came close to popping the question while we walked along the banks of the River Seine but I didn’t have the ring on me. But even once I had the ring, I waited a long time until it was just how I imagined it. One of my good hotel PR friends helped set up an incredible private dinner at the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater, Florida. We were going to do it on the beach but it was unseasonably cold so we had a beautiful dinner in one of the hotel’s beach bungalow suites under the guise that we were eating dinner there with hotel executives to show off their honeymoon offerings.

The room was filled with soft music, flowers, rose petals and candles. Just before we headed down, my friend called to say that there was an in-house emergency so the executive team had to cancel dinner but we could still go down since everything was already set up. It was obviously part of the plan except Natalie then asked if we could skip the dinner downstairs and just eat in our room since she was tired and we had the presidential suite so why not enjoy it? Fortunately, I talked her into going down to at least check it out and she couldn’t believe that the menu had all of her favorite dishes. I had told my friend that if it didn’t feel perfect, I wasn’t going to do it. But since everything was just right, I got down on bended knee at dessert. It was magical.

Even with a controlled environment like the one I set up, things can always go wrong so it’s a bit risky to do it at a crowded tourist spot with tourists who can be so determined to capture a particular photo that they’re either oblivious or just don’t care.

Watch the video below of a woman who almost gets in between a happy Irish couple visiting Gullfoss Falls in Iceland while the man is down on one knee.

@jordanemcgowan Honestly i find it funny ? no harm done its a laugh to watch. #iceland #travel #traveltiktok #proposal #fiance #proposalvideo #proposalgoals #proposalgonewrong ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

The bride-to-be seems to have a great attitude as she posted the now viral video on TikTok with the caption: “Honestly i find it funny ? no harm done its a laugh to watch. #iceland #travel #traveltiktok #proposal #fiance #proposalvideo #proposalgoals #proposalgonewrong”

But commenters on her page are divided:

Ourcotswold house posted: “She knew exactly what was happening and she did it on purpose ?.” While Holly writes: “You can’t convince me she didn’t do that on purpose.”

I agree with Holly as do over 15,000 people. I really don’t think she did it on purpose, I just think she was oblivious, which is kind of scary that you can be so utterly unaware of your surroundings but sadly, that’s where we are right now and smartphones seem to have only made things worse. I’m sure I’m guilty of it as well though I try to always know what’s going on around me. What do you think? Did you do a destination proposal? Share your story!


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