I’ve been living in Los Angeles for over three decades and I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff – especially on the freeways. However, what took place recently on the 405 might just take the cake. In fact, it left the lunchtime anchors on KTLA (Channel 5) speechless — that’s how insane it was.

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As you can see from the video below, Chad Towersey and a friend captured footage of a woman driving an Audi SUV with the hatchback open and no front right tire at 75 mph. That’s right, the oblivious woman was driving on three wheels and a RIM! Sparks were flying everywhere and she was acting like she had no idea. When she waved to the two men in the vehicle beside her, it reminded me of that classic John Candy/Steve Martin scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

In the video, Chad can be heard giving hilarious color commentary: “Rather dangerous situation happening here on the 405, tailgate open. There’s no tailgate party going on in sight.”

Sadly, I truly believe she had no idea what was going on because it looked like she was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. I’m betting painkillers since she reminded me of someone I once knew well who had a pill addiction and her reactions at the end were similar.

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Chad and his buddy caught up with her at a red light where she apparently rear-ended another vehicle. They confronted her on camera and told her to get out of the car since she had done enough damage. She was so out of it that she didn’t even realize what she had done or that she was missing a tire. She didn’t even put her car in park.

According to CBS Los Angeles: “The Irvine Police Department is aware of videos on social media related to a traffic collision involving a woman driving a black Audi with an open tailgate and missing wheel. While the woman was not arrested at the scene, the case remains under investigation. The involved vehicle has been impounded as part of the investigative process. Alleged medical conditions can complicate driving under the influence investigations and are a consideration in this case. IPD is conducting a thorough investigation into this matter which will be forwarded to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. We would like to thank the community members who reported this incident.”


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37 Comments On "Wild Video: The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen on a California Freeway ... And That's Saying Something"
  1. Sandra|

    This happened to me once as I was driving my precious 57 Chevy down the freeway. I was aware of it right away though, and being in the fast lane, I had to get all the way across the lanes to get to the shoulder. Other drivers could see my dilemma so they started slowing down. My tire that came off was rolling down the freeway, and people were trying to miss it. Somehow we all came through it, and the first guy who stopped to help said that was the best piece of driving he had seen in a long time! This gal must have been completely out of her mind not to be aware of her mess.

  2. Bob|

    Didn’t someone call the cops, this woman may not be on drugs, but she suffers from something much worse, stupidity, you can’t fix stupid.

  3. jcb|

    She is not on drugs she is just a Biden supporter.

  4. Joe Blow|

    JCB…Do you B****ES EVER GROW UP!!! Perpetual baby, and ignorant like your Grifter leader.

  5. Keith Smith|

    your a dumbass trump loving communist

  6. Lenny|

    You’re a stupid idiot. Only the crazies make it about someone specific. You need help.

  7. Tony|

    Hey give her a break – appears to be a blond. Incredibly dangerous to others on road.

  8. Don|

    Real witty, JCB. Biden won in 2020. If he runs, he will win again in 2024. And you will always lodge the complaint that someone is keeping you down rather than doing what you can to raise yourself up. Why not leave Johnny’s pages to travel discussion?

  9. Doug|

    Enough said after all it is californication!

    Well she is evidently NOT a member if the WOKE creatures living in Californication!

  10. Mildred RIEWE|

    Let he who has never done anything STUPID (especially in public) cast the first stone,

  11. pam|

    Okay, I hear you.

  12. pam|

    I don’t understand what any or why politics comes into play on the post. She’s less than intelligent if she thinks this in anyway was the right thing to do.

  13. Timothy Powell|

    Look out Mildred!!! Sorry, I didn’t mean for that stone to come so close. To everybody reading this, If your vehicle is suddenly hard to steer or abruptly dips toward one side, just give it more gas and put on your blond wig!!!

  14. Gus|

    I love lamo

  15. Joel|

    You are all idiots! Why hasn’t anyone commented on the fact that the person writing this (Johnny Jet?) doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. The tire and wheel (which has a rim) is completely missing. She is not driving on a RIM! She is driving on her ROTOR!!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      My name is Johnny Jet, not Johnny CAR ;-)

  16. Jerry|

    She wasn’t on the 405. She was on the 5 fwy. near Oceanside in San Diego county.

  17. Joel|

    Sorry I was rude to you Johnny. I really should have only taken out my frustration with the idiots talking politics because that was who I really was aiming at.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Apology accepted ;-)

  18. Ervin R Polk|

    johnny whatever your name is, YOU were way out of line, you must have been jonesing youself, drugs is all you had on your mind. And extremely out of line and RUDE. When you have a conversation with someone don’t be so rude and overbearing, not giving the lady an opportunity to respond and explain, you just keep interrupting. Are you really a DRUG expert ? The Lady needed help. Instead, she gets a BULLY like YOU. It’s your type of person that causes a lot of ROAD RAGE PROBLEMS. I wonder, would you talk to a MAN in that manner ? As others said, why don’t you just stick to your travel? In other words, Dude you are an idiot.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Dude, Before you start calling people an idiot why don’t you read the story. I didn’t take the video or know the person who did. I’m just reporting on it.

  19. david|

    yeah! MR. Polk!! Read First! Dumb Ass!

  20. Miss Anthrope|

    Ervin Polk sounds like he’s overdue for HIS meds. And leave politics out of the comments here. You’re all pathetic. ?

  21. Marvin W|

    Keith Smith: Yes, we should leave politics out of a video like this, but I couldn’t let this one go by. You make the reference about Trump supporters being communist…way off base! You do KNOW that Obama IS A COMMUNIST, don’t you? Did you read his book “Dreams FROM My Father” in which he comes out and says that he is a communist? His grandparents in Seattle, then Hawaii were communists, he looked for communist teachers in college, etc.
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    Nope, I don’t think Trump followers are communist…looks more like it’s the Democrat party of Joe Biden. There are only five communis countries in the world. None of them are what I would call a great success. If you’ve ever visited a communist country, as I have, (both Russia and China strictly as a tourist, not for political reasons) the people, the average citizens don’t look very happy about it and certainly don’t enjoy the level of living that we do here in America.
    …don’t try to make America #6.

  22. Bud|

    It never fails. Someone always has to bring politics into it.
    And people call her names…

  23. Alun Palmer|

    I live in the UK and have driven down the 405 many times over the years but I was surprised to see her keeping it in a straight line with one wheel missing good on you hun.

  24. David|

    Hey POLK!, Hey er POLK!! where are your words of wisdom now, WHAT!?!!
    Can’t hear you All Knowing one,
    Or is it that you can’t hear me because your head is stuffed too far UP YOUR ASS!!
    Apparently, you haven’t paid much attention to how things work, let me point out one that you must have not noticed, you see, the good Lord gives us “ALL” a second between thought and speech so we DON”T come out sounding the way that you have [ In which you owe Mr. Jet an apology] You need to start taking advantage of that gift from God. DUMB ASS!!

  25. jones|

    If the guy stopping her was a uniformed “officer”, she would have been jerked out of the car, thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted. Oh yea, then there would be the cover up & the “officer” gets away with it.

  26. Are you kidding?!|

    ocinstanews – was the poster, and really did a poor job approaching the woman. True she had a problem (of some sort) but your approach to her was WAY off base. this wasn’t done out of kindness, but aggression and misplaced ego. I can think of a number of places back east, where you’d have been left a puddle on the road for that approach.

    Politics is ruining this country; can’t/won’t work together so don’t accomplish shit. Just argue in circles as Rome burns.

  27. JW|

    Was from Florida. And switched parties to pass on some of trump’s insanity.



  29. Dawn C. Cuccia|

    You can fix stupid by calling them a Democrat. Inshallah

  30. nasa.xxx|

    i see nothing,player is not working

  31. Sheila|


  32. Jean|

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  33. Z|

    ‘As Rome burns’ summed it up perfectly.
    I honestly can’t believe, there isn’t a life worth living that’s as bad as bickering at others, personal points of view, from behind a computer screen.
    This is my 1st social media comment ever, and definitely my last.
    Life is Wayyy
    too short and I just wasted 5 minutes, on this, that I can never get back.
    Damn people it’s called humanity grow some! And get a life, that helps to extinguish Rome from burning. Peace out!!

  34. Eclectic Savant|

    Where I live, that would’ve been the most craziest thing to have witnessed, ever. However, when the time came to try to remove the hazardous driver from causing further damage, there wouldn’t have been accusations of drugs and comments to create a defensive tone from the driver. Someone would’ve offered to give her a ride home or to sit with her while the police was called. Someone else may have offered to call a tow truck. Sure, everyone would be thinking she was definitely high or drunk, but would’ve given the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was in medical need, perhaps a reaction to a medication or even a blood sugar issue.
    In order to keep the situation calm and to keep the driver from attempting to leave, people would’ve offered assistance and humanity.

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