How many times have you read stories about tourists putting themselves in danger by getting too close to wildlife, usually trying to get a selfie? I’m not sure what people are thinking and I wouldn’t read this story if you love animals and/or have high blood pressure. RELATED: Horror Video of Tourist Being Chased and Bitten By Seal

Bison in the road at Yellowstone
Bison in the road at Yellowstone

According to ABC7 New York, “Yellowstone National Park officials killed a newborn bison because its herd wouldn’t take the animal back after a man picked it up. The calf became separated from its mother when the herd crossed the Lamar River in northeastern Yellowstone on Saturday. The unidentified man pushed the struggling calf up from the river and onto a roadway, park officials said in a statement Tuesday.” The man later pleaded guilty, was fined $235 and ordered to pay $500 to the Yellowstone Park Foundation Wildlife Protection Fund.

Sadly, there was a similar incident in 2016 when a Canadian man and his son put a calf in their SUV trying to rescue it. But park officials had to euthanize that newborn bison too.

The National Park Service (NPS) has a warning on their Yellowstone website stating, “Never approach animals or block traffic to view them. The animals in Yellowstone are wild and unpredictable, no matter how calm they appear to be. Always stay at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves, and at least 25 yards (23 m) away from all other animals, including bison and elk.”

I know these two individuals were trying to help and it definitely wasn’t as bad as the two guys who tried to just touch bison for the fun of it. Watch that video below:

YouTube video

Or when this man got gored by a bison trying to protect tourists:

YouTube video

And if a bison gets too close to you, the best thing to do, according to newlifeonahomestead, is to “stay calm, and try to move away smoothly, but quickly, and directly away from the bison. Don’t turn your back on the bison or run away if the animal isn’t charging yet. If it’s possible, get behind a large tree or other heavy objects that will block the bison’s approach.”


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