You would think that after the pandemic and the mask mandate was dropped, unruly behavior on airplanes would decrease. But shockingly, it’s been the opposite. According to The International Air Travel Association (IATA) per, “bad behavior incidents on planes rose 37% last year. In real numbers, there was one incident per 835 flights in 2021. But last year, there was one incident for every 568 flights.” RELATED: American Airlines Passenger at Miami Airport Wins Most Outrageous Behavior Award

I fly fairly frequently and have never witnessed this kind of behavior on an airplane. I have seen it a couple of times in airports, once in Miami a couple of years ago and another time in a Paris airport about two decades ago. So I really do think the odds of you witnessing unruly behavior in person are slim to none. But on the other hand, if it does happen, the odds of you seeing it online are almost 100% because everyone has a smartphone these days to record these things.

The scary part is that some of these incidents are getting scarier and scarier, like the mother in the Miami International Airport in January who ripped out a gate agent’s computer and threw it at her. Or the woman in Hartsfield Jackson International Airport who did the unthinkable to police officers trying to corral her.

Those incidents were horrific but a British Airways passenger just took unruly behavior to a new level. According to LBC, “Passengers on a British Airways flight to the Caribbean who witnessed a man smash a wine bottle and stab a fellow passenger have slammed the airline for providing him with ‘unlimited’ alcohol and failing to intervene when he ‘harassed women’ onboard.”

The Daily Mail reports that fellow passengers “have slammed the airline for providing him with ‘unlimited’ alcohol and failing to intervene when he ‘harassed women’ onboard.”

Almost all these incidents involve alcohol so it still surprises me that airlines continue to serve passengers who are already inebriated. I sat next to a rock star once as he flew back from his halftime Super Bowl show and the flight attendant gave him 7 doubles. We had a great conversation until about two hours prior to landing, when he just passed out. Too bad the passenger on the flight to St Lucia didn’t hold his alcohol the same way.

Per @DeL2000: “More chaos on one of the planes. This time a British Airways Passenger stabs another passenger with a broken bottle while on board BA flight 2159 from Gatwick to St Lucia. One man got stabbed in the torso and the other guy in the back of the head, both were treated later at the hospital. When the plane landed, police arrested the individual with the bucket hat. No sound on the video.” Watch the video here.

That’s insane. What are people thinking? They obviously aren’t because this man is definitely going to be spending some time in jail. You can watch the full video here on Twitter, though there’s not much to see. Have you ever witnessed outrageous unruly behavior on a flight? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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