Nick Gray is brilliant. If you haven’t heard of him or haven’t been following along with his story, then I suggest you start now because something tells me this saga is going to continue for a while and if you ask me, it’s the best thing happening on the Internet right now.

Nick Gray and his blind date in Tokyo, Japan.First things first: Who is Nick Gray? I have no idea. His bio on X says: “Follow me to be more interesting and meet inspiring people. I built and sold 2 multi-million dollar companies, Museum Hack and FDS Avionics.” That all sounds interesting but, respectfully, may be the least interesting thing about him.

Because when, on April 16, he posted that he was looking for a blind date to go to Tokyo with, he (perhaps unwittingly) became one of the most interesting people to follow on X.

Here’s how it all started:

So, as you can see, Nick posted a fun tweet, looking for a blind date to join him in Tokyo. He offered to pay for everything and included his email address to contact him as well as a Google doc with ‘application’ questions.

It looks like this is part of the response that sealed the deal:

On April 20, confirmed his selection and on April 23, he made his way to Tokyo, ahead of his date:

The next day, Nick was clearly excited, even before his date landed, and kept all of us, who were now following along like it was our favorite new Netflix series, updated along the way:

There are plenty of posts that you’ll have to comb through yourself here if you want to follow along with each and every step (and don’t forget to read the comments as well because they’re a fun part of the story!) but here are some of the highlights:

Should he greet her with flowers at the airport? The internet voted yes!

They went out on a ramen food tour:

And they’ve been doing all the things you’d want to enjoy in Tokyo like eating good food, biking and walking and exploring. Again, you’ll have to follow along on Nick’s account for the nitty gritty but trust me when I say, it’s compelling stuff. If you love love, that is.

And then the best part of the whole saga showed up when I opened X this morning. This was the first tweet in my feed:

Yep, he finally “introduced” us to his date (no name of course, for privacy reasons) and I’m not going to lie: I gave a whoop of delight. They look so cute, happy and … dare I say it … meant to be?

I’m a sucker for a good love story and especially one that involves travel. When my husband and I met on a press trip in 2006, he lived in Los Angeles and I lived in Toronto. I’ll never forget the first time I flew out to Los Angeles to spend time with him after having only met him once before. It wasn’t a blind date like Nick’s story but it did involve flying across the continent to spend a long weekend with someone I barely knew. Luckily for us, our passion for travel took us all over the world (70+ countries as a couple) and we’re now married with two beautiful children, still traveling the world every chance we get.

And as my husband Johnny Jet advises, always travel together before you get married. Travel takes both of you out of your normal, day-to-day routines and you really get to know the other person (and yourself!) as you navigate new countries and cultures and all the stresses and challenges that can sometimes arise when you travel.

Nick’s sweet love story has certainly got me and thousands of others captivated and while of course, it’s early days yet, I wish them the best and look forward to following along. Nick, you’ve got us all invested now so please keep those updates coming!

H/T View From the Wing

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