The year is young but so far, there have already been two mind-boggling airport incidents involving travelers. It really makes you shake your head. Here’s the first incident, if you missed it: VIDEO: American Airlines Passenger at Miami Airport Wins Most Outrageous Behavior Award

It’s sort of like this:

2022: “You wouldn’t believe how many crazy airport and airplane outbursts by unruly passengers happened this year!” 2023: “Hold my beer.”

I’m not sure if passenger Jennifer Holder’s actions take the cake for the craziest outburst by an airline passenger but she’s certainly in the running. I think my vote still goes to the American Airlines passenger who, three weeks ago, ripped a computer screen and other electronic devices out of a desk, then threw them at a Miami International Airport gate agent. Here’s the video of that incident.

However, some may disagree as Jennifer did something no one saw coming at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. According to an Atlanta Police Department press release: “On 1/17/23, around 9:34pm, officers responded to 11700 Spine Rd on concourse D located at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in reference to a suspicious female attempting to open secured doors inside the concourse.”

This is when things get nuts. “Upon arrival, officers met with airport security who requested police. Officers were advised a female, identified as Jennifer Holder, was in gate D-9 discharging a fire extinguisher inside the concourse. Officers attempted to make contact with the female, but she was non-compliant and sprayed officers with the fire extinguisher.” Watch the video below:

First of all, to grab a fire extinguisher off the wall is ballsy but to slowly walk through and airport and spray it at people, especially cops, is next level. Just watch the way she storms through the concourse with the weapon. It’s like a scene from a horror movie as other passengers, including little children, are running. Another video is below:


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There are multiple videos and apparently, the whole thing happened because she didn’t pay for her chicken wings at an ATL Buffalo Wild Wings. Jennifer claims someone else paid for her meal but employees refuted it.

“Despite being assaulted, officers were able to detain the combative female. Three airport flight attendants with complaints of respiratory discomfort were treated on scene by EMS and were later cleared. Officers relocated the arrestee, Ms. Holder to the precinct where she continued to behave erratically and combative, by spitting and kicking at officers. Officers requested EMS to evaluate Ms. Holder due to minor injuries she self-sustained during the incident. Ms. Holder was cleared by EMS and officers transported her to the Clayton County Jail with several charges pending, including assault. The investigation continues.”


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5 Comments On "VIDEO: Woman Loses it at Atlanta Airport and Does the Unthinkable as Passengers Run"
  1. Jack|

    No righteousness in this country anymore. The immature behavior of this woman and the foul language shows the decline of this country. We need to repent, fast, and mourn our sins before the holy God.

  2. joe anjoin|

    no such thing as a holly god.Get real

  3. Anonymous|

    But God told her to do It.

  4. Shecter Yittase|

    Joey you are a mean person

  5. John Galt|

    Karens gone wild.

    It seems that since about March 2020, the argument could be made that some kind of zombie contagion has swept the globe, causing more people to just go off the rails of the crazy train, at the slightest provocation.

    Either more people really are just snapping and going berserk, or thanks to social media and every random bystander having a combined video broadcast studio and dystopian tracking device in their pocket combined with surveillance cameras everywhere, to document each incident in excruciating detail, we are just now seeing more incidents that might otherwise never be seen beyond the immediate area. After all, the first rule of journalism is “dog bites man” isn’t news, while “man bites dog” is film at eleven.

    Possibly we have collectively accumulated decades of pent-up anger and frustration at an increasingly regimented, stifling, artificial society we have built around ourselves in the name of comfort and convenience. This is like vegetation dried to a tinderbox by months of drought, until only a single carelessly tossed cigarette or a spark thrown by an overheated wheel bearing or a loose chain touching the pavement, blown into the roadside grass by a dry wind, ignites a massively destructive wildfire.

    A possible explanation might be more people are self-medicating with C2H5(OH) to dull the new stressors of rapid and unfamiliar changes since the pandemic began. The common denominator seems to “alcohol was involved”. It is well known to dull the higher brain functions that moderate aggressive behavior, which then leaves the more primitive reptilian brain free to behave like a wild animal.

    The interesting fact that this is not confined to the U.S. strongly suggests the stressors of the past 3 years released the brakes on our primitive ancestral animal nature that keeps most people playing nice with one another.

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