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By now, I suppose we should all be accustomed to seeing bizarre behavior at airports and on airplanes. It’s been happening for a while now. The latest I’ve read about happened at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and at the terminal I frequent most often, American Airlines’ Terminal 4. RELATED: The LAX Twitter handle that every L.A. traveler needs to follow

A police chase occurred on the tarmac at LAX.The video was originally shared by Airplane Spotter (video embedded below) and was shared again by South Bay Responders, According to Airplane Spotter, the “passenger ran into the tarmac after missing his flight at 0600am at LAX.”

South Bay Responders posted that the “passenger ran on the ramp & strip area of LAX, seen also running away from the LAXPD, until he was taken down and arrested. Unknown why or what exactly occurred, or why the man was even shirtless & barefoot to begin with.”

As you can see in the video embedded below, the man had long brown hair and was wearing nothing but shorts, not even shoes, which must have hampered his running. He did give the police officer a good run before eventually being tackled and then tasered (it appears) before an army of police arrived on the scene.


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According to Airplane Spotter, the incident occurred at 6am, which means there were tons of passengers in the airport. They would have seen him exit through an emergency door, which has an alarm unless you have the code or a badge.

There were no reports of delayed or canceled flights over this incidence, which is a relief. As usual, social media had some thoughts:

@Mitchskywalker: Preflight gummys hit different that time…?

@whatchutalkinboutwillis23: I feel like you should have added the Benny Hill theme to that ?

@Mjblinds: He was running to catch connecting flight!

@beefynews: It’s Danny Trejo looking for the guy that threw the water balloon at him

@khris_ceenan: More of a low speed chase than OJ in his white Ford Bronco.

@solivagant_samurai: Welcome to #LAX

@blackcatprinting: Bro came in from another dimension time traveling one minute he’s chasing Buffalo ? in the great plains the next min he’s in the future the ground is concrete and the Buffalo ? is no more..that my friends is a glitch in the Matrix.

@leah_hebson asked: “How are they able to access the ground/runway ?? Very concerning”  and @edgar_l1432 gave the best response: “Some security doors leading out to the ramp from the terminal aren’t actually locked, employees only badge in/out to not set off the alarm, kind of like emergency exits in a store.”


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