The new LAX Twitter handle that every L.A. traveler needs to follow

Last week one of my Twitter followers tagged me in a tweet showing current LAX stats offered by the @flyLAXstats handle. The account wasn’t verified and didn’t have many followers or tweets, so I didn’t know what to think, but I liked what I was seeing so I followed it.

It turns out that @flyLAXstats is LAX’s new Twitter feed that’s officially being unveiled tomorrow (Thursday, May 23). It’s an expansion of a pilot program run through the @FlyLAXairport last winter and it includes real-time information on traffic (updated every 30 minutes), parking (updated every 30 minutes) and TSA wait-time statuses (updated every 15 minutes). As noted in the press release:

“The @FlyLAXstats feed will provide travel times to the Central Terminal Area from Sepulveda/Westchester; from Century/405; and via the 105 from the 405. It will also include the time it takes a car to navigate the central terminal area loop on either the lower or upper level. In addition to travel times, the account provides real-time parking updates, showing parking space availability in the Central Terminal Area parking structures as well as the new Economy Lot E. Parking information comes directly from LAX parking systems and can also be found on our website. And, for the first time, LAX is providing wait times at each of the TSA screening locations through a pilot program with aviation technology startup Plot. These sensors will use a suite of technology including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to measure the wait time for passengers from the time they enter a checkpoint queue until they step through the final TSA scan.”

Even if you aren’t on Twitter, I highly recommend you at least visit on the @FlyLAXstats handle’s page before you head to LAX so you know what to expect (the earlier you check it, the better).




2 Comments On "LAX Has a New Twitter Handle That Every L.A. Traveler Needs to Follow"
  1. Dick|

    I listen to you on Leo, think you have some great ideas. However, I have tried several times to find your app of the week, and can’t locate them. Where do they go, and do you only post it for a week.
    Case in point, I thought you said “Mapps” a direction pointing app. Can’t find it on your site or anywhere. Thanks. Dick

    1. Johnny Jet|

      If you hover over “Travel 101” on the main you will see it (we just added it). But here’s the direct link

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