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It’s no secret that my favorite airport in the US is Los Angeles International (LAX). It’s my home airport and I’ve been in and out so many times that I’ve learned to master it. Of course, LAX has had its problems, but they’re now spending billions to take it to the next level, with local restaurants and shops now all over.

When LAX found out I was such a fan, they invited me to shoot a commercial for the airport’s website (my page is here) so I could showcase some of my LAX tips/ ricks. It just went live last week, and it’s above and available here, so let me know what you think of it!

4 Comments On "Travel Video of the Week: LAX Airport Insider Tips"
  1. Richard R. Estacio|

    Very informative and educational promotion ! :)

  2. David|

    congrats on your Ad.
    Once we can get to/from LAX without construction traffic it should be much better.

  3. Jody|

    I lived in Marina Del Rey and Venice for 21 years and LAX was “my” airport for even longer than that. I’ve traveled a lot, mostly domestically, though I’ve also hit 30-40 countries as well. Thanks be to God I can now fly in and out of Burbank most of the time. (WE LOVE BUR!)

    You obviously get to fly out of the nicer terminals (Bradley, for example) a lot more than the rest of us. Terminal 1 is still a nightmare, as most are. The traffic is absolutely unbearable 24/7 pretty much every day… most of the areas are filthy (inside and out), arrivals are horrible, construction is never-ending, TSA lines and the people who work them are totally unpredictable… I always feel sad for first-time travelers to LA arriving at LAX. Most of it is a dump!

    I really enjoy your daily tips (and I share them), enjoy you on Leo Laporte, but this is a big misfire. LAX is my LEAST favorite international airport in America, and one of my least favorite worldwide. LAX curiously did not have you shoot that commercial in Terminal 1, the busiest…

  4. Linda Ramsey|

    I LIVE IN Oregon and I have to choose between LAX, SFO, or SEA usually when flying internationally. I go out of my way to avoid LAX. Unless it has changed dramatically in the last year I will continue to do so. If you have to move between terminals and not leave security the locations to do so are poorly marked and you have to take a bus, which are few and far between, which leaves passengers with short layovers regretting their decision to “quickly” move between terminals.
    And with a long layover, there is no good transit into town.

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