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During the pandemic, we saw some of the most outrageous behavior at U.S. airports and on airplanes. Most of it seemed to happen at either Miami International Airport (MIA) or on flights to or from Miami. Do you remember the video of the Rocky-style fight that happened at an American Airlines check-in counter?

Or when passengers were brawling with a police officer and it almost led to a riot and not because he pulled his gun out. Watch that video here.

Or when this irate man threatened gate agents, punched a passenger and kicked a defenseless ‘Wet Floor’ sign.

I thought all of those situations were bad. But what took place recently at MIA’s Gate D39 made all of those incidents combined look like child’s play. Seriously. This traveler, an Alabama resident who was heading to New York City, absolutely flipped her lid. In fact, I nominate her as the most disgruntled airline passenger of all time. And that’s saying something.

Multiple videos were posted (embedded below) by various witnesses so we have different angles, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She rips multiple screens, printers and monitors off of the gate agents’ desks and even throws the monitor at the agent and hits her. It amazes me it took so long for security to arrive. This is not the first time I’ve asked: Where the hell is Miami Airport security?

I couldn’t make out what the irate passenger was saying but, according to Gary Leff, “She appears to be screaming that someone should find her children. It seems she was traveling with kids and lost track of them.” I feel bad for her kids because what took place was complete chaos. Not to mention, how does what she’s doing actually help to locate her missing kids?

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According to WSVN (local Miami news), Camilia McMillie, 25, “took her frustrations out on a gate agent when she couldn’t find her two children after they had walked off to use the bathroom.” They also reported, “The employee is said to be OK and has some bruising on her right shoulder area. Police also told 7News that the outburst left around $10,000 worth of damage to American Airlines’ property in its wake. McMillie was booked into jail later that night on an aggravated battery charge, among others. She appeared in court on Wednesday morning.” She is being held on $4,500 bond.

According to Fox Business, American Airlines put out a statement that read: “Acts of violence against our team members are not tolerated by American Airlines and we are committed to working closely with law enforcement in their investigation.” They also said: “Our thoughts are with our team member, and we are ensuring they have the support they need at this time.”

Unfortunately, I witnessed an incident firsthand in MIA a year and a half ago, when I escorted my dad to California so he could hug his grandkids for the first time in over a year. I wrote: “Miami Airport has some real interesting characters, especially three young women in their early twenties who everyone could hear almost got in a fight near Café Versailles. Then they came strolling through our gate area screaming profanities with their masks off and two little kids (around four) following close behind. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I yelled at them to watch their language around little kids. That’s when a woman said, “Those are my kids!” So I said, “What a great role model you are.” She then started calling me a white man and some obscenities but kept walking. When they reached the end of the E Gates, they made their way back, still screaming at the world and at me and anyone who looked at them. Not one MIA or AA employee said a word. It was like they’re used to it.”

I know the pandemic has left many people stressed and on edge but come on, people. Get your act together. Now that the mask mandate is over and the virus is getting under control, we have to do better.

One commenter, @josie_halles is more understanding, tweeting: Airport meltdown scenes are often in Miami. As someone who had to fly in and out of MIA frequently, I can understand where’s she’s coming from. Worst airport in the US.

That may be the case but worst airport in the world or not, nothing, in my opinion, excuses this kind of behavior.


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19 Comments On "VIDEO: American Airlines Passenger at Miami Airport Wins Most Outrageous Behavior Award"
  1. David R. Miller|

    3 years in prison, pay for all damaged/destroyed airline equipment, get sued for bodily harm of injured employees, children taken away by child services. Now she has something to get upset about….

  2. Maryetta|

    I agree with you totally……firstly, how did she “lose her kids”…….total irresponsibility. I’ve travelled with young children many times, you don’t just “lose them”. Secondly, her tantrum and destructive behavior was “over the top”, serious mental melt down. Children need another caregiver until she is evaluated for competency to adequately care for them and not teach them her method of dealing with a stressful situation.

  3. Marlin|

    Noticed that in the middle of all the mayhem she bent over and picked several pieces of paper and placed them on the des, all the while leaving computer equipment laying all over the place.

    What a nut job.

  4. Anonymous|

    never there when this happens. her luck

  5. alex|

    female or not, once you start destroying property, you are begging to get punched out. of course “rascism” will be the first thing out of her mouth.. but ya just can’t help noticing the worst troublemakers are similar…

  6. alex|

    $4500 bond after doing over $10,000 in damages? that’s why these nuts keep doing it! her bond should be set at double the damage, plus whatever is standard for the criminal charges. leave her fat behind rot in jail until she learns violence is not the answer. female or not, once you start destroying property, you are begging to get punched out. of course “rascism” will be the first thing out of her mouth.. but ya just can’t help noticing the worst troublemakers are similar…

  7. Anonymous|

    does it really surprise anyone, seriously

  8. Rlucero|

    She and anyone doing what she did should be locked up and fined. No slap on the wrist. If she hit me with a computer, I would definitely knock her out! Also, create a no-fly list program that automatically denies her to board ANY plane on ANY airlines!

  9. Jim|

    She needs to get more than a three-year sentence. She should have all her assets seized and sold to pay for damages and fined anything not covered. She is responsible for scaring anyone that gets scared, children, elderly. She should have to recoup them for any costs associated with medical/mental health care. Banned from air travel permanently and banned from entering an airport. 10 years in prison and once there, an inmate should whip the tar out of her.

  10. Tina|

    This lady is definitely a nut job and then some. What you cannot say is your reference to “the worst troublemakers are similar”. What does that mean, exactly? (I know, really.) Racism, and that IS what you are perpetrating, has no place anywhere, whether you feel it is justified or not. There is no one group of persons that “always” or “never” anything. There could be any number of inappropriate comments or lines of thinking on Caucasians or any other group of people not “similar” to this individual.

    With that being said, I had a terrible experience recently with American Airlines. I was travelling from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Phoenix. (My primary destination was from Pittsburgh to Phoenix, but layovers do occur, unfortunately.) When I first went from Pittsburgh to Philly, they lost my walker. It took three days to locate it and when it was finally returned to me at my hotel, it was completely destroyed. Brake cables were missing or bent, support bars for the storage underneath were completely gone, the whole thing was somehow bent or whatever so that it “stood” bending to the right side. And before it WAS finally sent to me, they sent it to LAX!!! I am grateful that I have never had to deal with MIA, but I do need to say that AA does NOT have a good rep for this kind of situation. When my walker had been initially “lost” I demanded they get me a replacement until they found mine. Needless to say, they had to replace mine with a new one. Long story short- you have unfortunate situations with every race or group of people. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin or what language you speak. The individual involved in this story was a definite piece of work, but poor behavior comes from everywhere, not just one place. American Airlines- get your act together!

  11. Bayou Sista|

    Interesting comments. Troublemakers are similar??? How? Is it clothes? Hairstyle? Body shape? Hmmm. Could it be a reference to race? Millions of people share her skin color. Should I believe this is the depth of your assessment? As for the bond, maybe read a little about it. In this country, we use the court system to determine guilt. Even when there is a video. The bond amount is supposed to ensure the person shows up for court. It has nothing to do with reparations. And if violence is not the answer at the airport, punching someone out in that same airport is not the answer either. Ban for life or from every airline suggests an inability to change. I hope that is not true for this woman. I’m not saying trust her tomorrow. But none of us want to live the remainder of our days under the shadow of our worst behavior (even if we deserve it). Also, she has children. Even if the state takes them away, it doesn’t end her parental rights. She will still have visitation. Although skin color does not determine behavior, what you learn from your parent does influence your behavior. As much as it might feel better to imagine all manners of retribution, how to make her feel the pain of her behavior, as a society, we really need her to become a better human. She didn’t care what she destroyed. I’m glad the person she hit is okay, but it could have been a very different story. I imagine the airport might have needed to change a couple of gate assignments since she tore up all the computers. I’m not saying have kind, rosy feelings for this person. She earned her jail time. I’m saying we have real problems when folks like her move around decent people. But I don’t think making her the target of her own behavior is going to help. I think that stopped working in the 90’s.

  12. jim morgan|

    Had the culprit’s identity solved before I saw the video. Guess she did’nt get a 4 serving at Golden Corral

  13. Dayna Springfield|

    Hi Johnny! I am flying into MIA for the first time in May – what makes it the worst airport? Any tips? I’m worried now after reading this! I’m catching a Virgin cruise. Thank you! I love your newsletter!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Dayna

      I didn’t mean to scare you. There’s nothing to worry about. There are just a few crazy passengers, but you probably have a better chance at winning lotto then coming across them.

  14. Impartial Observer|

    Let’s check off the boxes of intersectionality: Inherently violent, little to no ability to control emotions, sense of impunity and entitlement, racist hatred, foul mouthed, no self-respect or respect for anyone or anything, blames others for own behavior etc….

  15. markbridge|

    Many folks in the US can’t get to a doctor or dentist, and hardly anyone receives any kind of mental health care. This woman is obviously mentally ill, but it is unlikely she has ever been to a therapist.

  16. Anonymous|

    Agree. This lady was more of mental case than anything else, and unfortunately, homelessness plays a big role for their actions. I’m sure everyone has noticed a spike in mental related cases on the planes recently.


    She was keeping it real!!!!

  18. Anonymous|

    not at all ,actually !

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