It’s not even a full moon but there’s some bizarre stuff going on in travel today. Or is it every day? That’s what it seems like. Let’s start in Miami at the American Airlines ticket counter around 11:15am local time where Tommy in Hialeah (@Dolphinfan201) posted a 34-second video of two men reenacting a Rocky movie. As you can see from the clip below, there were some serious punches landed.

It seems like Miami is a hotbed of fights lately and I saw a fight almost break out there three weeks ago. You can find that story here.

Even more disturbing is the video of a man attempting to breach the cockpit on a Los Angeles (LAX) to Nashville (BNA) flight. According to, Delta Flight 386 departed LAX at 11:30am and diverted to Albuquerque (ABQ) at 2:13pm local time.

After two videos posted to Twitter by @1WaySuggs (warning his language is vulgar), you can see the man was zip tied and placed in the last row of a first class seat.

That video was followed by another vulgar clip of the flight attendant and passengers carrying him to the back of the plane.

It’s obvious the flight attendant was a big guy and was able to control the situation with the help of other passengers. One passenger (@NoKapRich) posted a photo of an emotionally drained purser, with the caption: “@Delta this man needs an award.. just saved the plane. LA flight to Nashville.”

It’s been over six hours and the plane still hasn’t continued on to BNA but it’s about to depart shortly and it looks like it will do so with new equipment and flight crew.

Here’s the local news (WKRN) story on the attempted breach.

2 Comments On "Chaos In The Skies Today When Passengers Brawl at MIA and Man Tries To Breach Cockpit on Delta Flight"
  1. anonymous|

    Why, why, why…. do people continue to film video in portrait mode?

  2. George|

    MIA is the southeast equivalent of Madison Square Garden!!

    Passengers coming north from Latin America let off steam as they contemplate shopping at Sears, dadeland, shops in Broward County, have a hot dog, practice English, temporary freedom from family ties. It’s like going to Disney World!!!!!

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