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A video posted on Instagram is going viral (it’s embedded below) because of its ridiculous cool factor. Kels Acosta shared it with the caption: “These are family goals I desperately want to reach lol! A family of four was flying through the airport on their scooter suitcases! I had to record them! I need one of these ASAP 😅 would you buy one?”


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Judging by the comments on both Instagram and Pubity, where the video was also shared, it appears a lot of people do indeed want to buy one. Pubity shared the video with the caption: “Worker smarter not harder🤣” That’s the truth and couldn’t be wiser, especially at Miami International Airport’s Terminal D where the video was recorded.

Anyone who has been through MIA knows it’s almost always a very long walk from the gate to baggage claim, the exit or to make a connection. And the airport’s Skytrain always seems to be out of service like it was for six months between September 2023 and March 29, 2024. I know firsthand, as my family and I traveled through MIA three times in that time period and the long walk is no fun with two tired little kids (ages four and seven).

However, what is fun is riding one of these bags and the family caught on video looks like a family of superheroes to many. One person commented: “You can tell this was dad’s idea 😂 Dude is having the time of his life 🔥”

If we rolled off the plane at 10pm with these things, my kids would be pumped to make their way to the hotel. BTW: On our November trip to Beaches in the Turks and Caicos, we spent the night at the hotel inside MIA, even though many people told us not to. Here’s my review.

So many viewers commented: “I want this,” or “I want them,” and one quipped, “Those suitcases may get better mileage than the new Kia’s!! 😱💡” They also want to know the name of the company, where to get one and how much they cost. I did some research and discovered that these suitcases are from a company called Airwheel and the bags sell on Amazon for around $800. If you buy more than one, you get a discount.

According to the Airwheel website, the Airwheel SE3 smart luggage is the world’s first motorized, smart and connected suitcase that can help you get around up to three times faster than walking. It can switch between ride-on and pull-behind mode. They say that it has a rechargeable battery, it satisfies airline carry-on requirements and fits in most overhead luggage bins.

The Airwheel is 21 x 14 x 9 inches, weighs 20 pounds and goes up to 8mph.

In 2016, I met the founders of the original drivable suitcase, ModoBag, at the TBEX conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Riding one of their bags was super fun. Watch the video below:

YouTube video
However, my big question then and today is: “Is it legal to ride these bags through airports?” I think that for now, it will be taken on a case-by-case basis but if everyone gets one of these, airports are going to need to create driving lanes.

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2 Comments On "Family of four wows Miami airport crowd as they ride their suitcases through the terminal"
  1. Jeff|

    I had one of these Modobags. The battery and motor take up too much space. There no room to even lie a long sleeve shirt flat.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yikes! But I bet it was fun to cruise through airports or did security give you a hard time?

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