Last night there was a disturbing scene at the H Gates of Miami International Airport (MIA). MIA has been the epicenter of unruly passengers since the beginning of the pandemic and I’ve even witnessed some of it myself. I’m not sure why but it’s upsetting … and there’s more to the story than just the main video making its rounds on Twitter.

After first seeing this 47-second video (embedded below) of passengers brawling with a police officer, you have to think the passenger is insane but the police officer’s actions almost led to a riot and not because he pulled his gun out.

According to a witness, Mike Mailak, interviewed by Local 10 News, it all started when “an unruly passenger on a flight to Santo Domingo was upset about something. I wasn’t sure if it was his class of travel, his check bag fees, a delay, something.”

The two men arrested were Mayfrer Serranopaca, 30, of Kissimmee, Florida and Alberto Yanez-Suarez, 32, of Odessa, Texas. Reports say it all began when Serranopaca’s flight to Santo Domingo on a charter airline, Air Century Airline, was delayed so he confronted the first employee he saw, which was a Turkish Airlines employee in a transport cart. When the Turkish employee said he couldn’t help because he worked for a different airline, “Serranopaca snatched the cart’s key, breaking it and preventing the employee from driving away.”

He had to be really pissed if he thought an employee from another airline could help him. But if you watch the video (embedded below) posted by another passenger, which caught what started the almost-riot, it looks like the cop was the one who escalated it. Obviously, he shouldn’t have tried grabbing the police officer from walking away but the cop shouldn’t have smacked the dude in his face. That got the crowd, and especially what appears to be the passenger’s wife, all fired up. People just need to chill.

Miami International Airport released the following statement: “Like airports across the country, MIA is seeing record-high passenger numbers this winter travel season. Unfortunately, that passenger growth has come with a record-high increase nationwide in bad behavior as well, such as the incident this evening at MIA. Disruptive passengers face police arrest, civil penalties up to $37,000, being banned from flying, and potential federal prosecution. We have worked so hard to rebound from the pandemic and make traveling safe again, so we can visit our loved ones. Please travel responsibly by getting to the airport extra early, being patient, complying with the federal mask law and airport staff, limiting your alcohol consumption, and notifying police at the first sign of bad behavior by calling 911.”

8 Comments On "VIDEO: Police Officer Pulls Gun on Outraged Passengers at MIA Airport"
  1. Anthony|

    Police officer showed amazing restraint under the circumstances-hopefully both the passenger and his wife who was agitating the scenario were arrested.

  2. George K.|

    Goes back to childhood. No respect for parents, no respect for teachers, no respect for supervisor or any authority…..then they try to give lip to the Police. Taxpayers fund the Police to enforce the Law!
    Somehow young people growing up today want to give lip to anyone in authority….or someone who they do not agree with. How stupid. The policeman showed great restraint in NOT beating the tar out of the aggressor.

  3. George K.|

    Oh, the Law Officer has the LEGAL RIGHT to protect himself. If the Policeman was your father, son, friend….you wouldn’t want him hurt or dead.
    Folks, don’t get all wet in the pants because a Police Officer pulls a gun.
    You should be more shocked that someone actually trashed talk some authority figure…..who the citizens hired to protect and defend the public.

  4. Rene Lagler|

    Long ago I once bought a beautiful wood box, where I could inscribe something.
    I wrote:
    Dear Son,
    Be Honest, Respect Others and use “May I”, “Please” and “Thank you!”

    I think these words could go a long way in many situations…

  5. Carl Cochran|

    the people who cause trouble on the plane or in the airports should be banned from all airlines and put on a no fly list and this will stop all this non sense at tthe airports and on the planes.

  6. Greg Sorley|

    It’s ridiculous patrons who happen to have been the instigators for this situation wonder why an officer would act in a manner after the husband broke the ignition key which caused the officer to be there in the first place. Then he does the stupidest mistake by grabbing or showing aggression towards the officer and everything after all that gets turned around on the officer being in the wrong how or why is this to be? I was brought up to respect law enforcement, along with my peers and parents but apparently some think they are entitled to act in such a manner whether they happen to be from a different origin country and or base their issues by color which is totally wrong playing their racist card is totally unacceptable what’s sad is it’s to common anymore and seems no body stood up for the officer to shield others from getting close to him.

  7. G Hanson|

    Greg go to “audit the audit” or “long island audit” and watch how police really act when they break the law and the courts help them giving them complete immunity for their actions

  8. Doris Devall|

    I’ve got one better than that. —
    My vehicle was completely
    Destroyed on this property
    Where I still reside —.
    Through no fault of my own.
    Because I’m white and I’m not going to kiss any wetbacks ass.
    And. —. 5 years later I’ve not
    Received any financial compensation what so ever. I had taken a break after working
    35 years of my life and had let
    My insurance lapse with
    USAA of San Antonio, Texas. I did
    Receive a small ” sympathy”
    check from USAA and absolutely
    Nothing from anyone else.
    Have a great day !!! ???

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