Southwest Airlines has a very loyal customer base. That’s because they don’t charge for checked bags (two free, up to 50 pounds per person), they don’t charge change fees, they don’t have assigned seating and their flight attendants are usually hilarious. See these recent Southwest Airlines stories that made headlines:

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Southwest Airlines flight attendants play toilet paper game with passengers.A passenger named Dayna Rae Johnson (@DentrixExpert) posted a fun video on X with the caption: “On @SouthwestAir flight 2721 from Tucson to  @DENAirport, the crew kept us all in good spirits while we waited out a ground stop in Denver. The pilot even walked up & down the aisle answering questions from passengers. We ❤️ Southwest!

As you can see in the video embedded above, the crew ran toilet paper races between each side of the plane. It looks like the left (port) side smoked the right side (starboard) but Dayna ended the video so she could participate.

I don’t know if I could see this going down on American, Delta or United, which usually has more business travelers who tend to be more reserved or uptight. But I could see it’s a fun way to pass time.

I’ve never heard of toilet paper races but I do remember flight attendants telling me 20+ years ago that sometimes when the plane was empty and they were trying to pass time, they would take the toilet paper from one lavatory, stretch it across the aisle and flush it down the toilet in the opposite lav since the toilet’s vacuums are so strong. Speaking of strong airplane toilets, I still remember the first time I flushed one. OMG. I thought I was going to get sucked out of the plane. They should have a warning on the lid for first-timers so they don’t have a heart attack.

But back to the toilet paper games, Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) replied to Dayna’s post with: “Glad to hear our Crew exemplified the world-class Hospitality that we strive for, especially during an onboard delay. We will be sure to pass on the kudos. Thanks for flying with us! 💙❤️💛 -Tiara”

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2 Comments On "Is this Southwest Airlines flight attendant toilet paper game fun or ridiculous?"
  1. Patti|

    Question .Ive booked a 1way flight with southwest.bought the business section I like to sit as close to up front as should I ck in 36 hrs ahead my self,or let them sign me a seat?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      According to SWA: “Business Select passengers are automatically assigned a boarding position. You do need to check-in, but when you check-in has no affect on your boarding position.”,affect%20on%20your%20boarding%20position.

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