Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new video emerges to prove you wrong. In today’s weird and wacky news, a TikTok video is going viral thanks to a woman on a recent Southwest Airlines flight. Before we get into it, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself below. TikToker @gmonique_132 posted the video with the caption: “Southwest is wild.” The video already has over five million views.


@gmonique_132 #southwest ♬ original sound – Mo G

Our local news station reported that the incident took place during boarding on a Southwest Airlines Albuquerque to Phoenix flight and that it was a passenger in the overhead bin. Commenters had this to say:

“Southwest does allow you to choose your own seat 😂😂” ~ Toi White

“Well on SouthWest you can sit anywhere 🤣” ~ 💜 𝓫𝓮•𝔂𝓸𝓾•𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓾𝓵 💜

“That looks way more comfortable that the actual seats. give me a pillow and close the hatch.” ~ Alex Warner

However another comment, posted by Catie Rose, claimed she was on the flight. She said, “This is literally my pink bag by at her feet! 😂 She was freaking me out being above me!”

Woman lying in overhead bin on Southwest Airlines flight.
There were a number of sub comments asking all sorts of questions we all wanted the answers to: Was she kicked off the plane? Catie Rose says, “She was the flight attendant. She was scaring people as they were passing. She would take her leg and tap on people backs. So unprofessional.” Love Wow relied, “this is so unprofessional!! literally you should turn this in. They can do whatever they want to kick us off a plane but they act like this.!!!!”

Felix_felicis “please tell me she got kicked out?” Catie Rose replied with a: “Nope.”

I have a warped sense of humor so unlike the majority of the commenters, I actually find this hilarious, especially if it was indeed the flight attendant playing tricks. And if you thought this was the first time something like this has happened, think again. A video posted on Twitter in 2019 shows a similar scene of a flight attendant and if you ask me, she looks like the person in the latest video, though I can’t say for certain.

In 2019, ABC News quoted a Southwest statement that said the airline’s employees are “known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities. In this instance, one of our Flight Attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with Customers during boarding,” the statement read. “Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest Crews always maintain Safety as their top priority.”

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