I know a lot of people either love or hate Southwest Airlines. After last year’s epic meltdown over Christmas, you can’t blame the passengers who have lost the love. However, I always give credit where credit is due. And Southwest does an amazing job most of the time with customer relations. Their flight attendants are among the best in the business and the airline is often in the news with heartwarming headlines. Here are some of my favorites:

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Well, the airline has done it again. Southwest (SWA) just released a two-minute video (embedded below) that quickly went viral on social media. Within two days on X, formerly Twitter, it’s received 2.4 million views. The reason? It goes straight to the heart:

As SWA wrote on X, “After watching Ms. White’s viral video where she transformed her classroom into a Southwest plane and ‘flew’ her students to Mexico, we knew we had to give these young aviators a field trip they’d never forget!”

Mission accomplished. And not only did they invite Ms. White’s class to their headquarters but they invited all of the school’s first grade students for a special tour. They started the day in an airplane hangar, where the kids got to see the planes up close and they taught them what it takes to maintain airplanes and how they fly.

They even got to meet some of their aircraft maintenance technicians. Next, they had the kids line up and board the airplane. A lot of these kids said it was there first time ever going on an airplane so they were super excited.

They were greeted by a flight attendant who handed each of them their very own set of wings and another flight attendant passed out snacks. Then they had some other activities like building little model airplanes and they heard from a pilot who told them to always follow their dreams and stay true to their heart.

They then took a group photo and were handed some pretty cool and unique winglet Southwest Airlines sunglasses so they could watch some planes takeoff from Love Field.

They then skipped over to the headquarters where the employees were all lined up cheering for them and then they surprised the teachers and the principal with two roundtrip tickets to anywhere Southwest Airlines flies, including Mexico, which is where Ms. White had pretended they all went in her classroom.

They finished the day with a fiesta that included a live mariachi band, food and a SWA swag bag. Stories like this warm my heart and I think sometimes people who work in the travel industry or have a lot of money don’t realize how fortunate they are to be able to take their kids on planes frequently to show them the world.

Kudos to Southwest Airlines for once again bringing heart and soul to the work they do.

H/T View from the Wing


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