Southwest Airlines finds themselves in the news often lately for both bad (ahem, their epic 2022 Christmas meltdown) and good reasons. Here are some of the stories I’ve written about:

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Fortunately for Southwest, it’s been mostly good news in the last several months, which is obviously great news for them and their customers.

A video that is sure to go viral on social was filmed and posted by a passenger named Anne-Marie with the caption, “Best morning flight ever. This flight attendant was awesome! @SouthwestAir #swa #southwestairlines #happyfriday”

The Friday morning flight announcement appears to begin towards the end of the 29-second video. I was trying to find the flight attendant’s colleague’s video because she’s standing behind the talented flight attendant recording her as she waves her arm in the air while delivering one of the most unique and catchy safety demonstrations you will ever hear.

I transcribed the video embedded below but she’s speaking so fast I might have missed a couple of words so please forgive me or email me so I can edit it:

“We’re on our way so fasten your seatbelt so it’s nice and tight. You better do them good ’cause we’re gonna check if they’re right. Carry-on bags under the seat on the floor or there’s an overhead compartment where they can be stored. Seatback and trays locked up right, pretty soon the crowd will be out of sight. Laptop computers stowed away. Are we ready to go? What do you say? Welcome aboard SWA!”

Even Southwest’s X (formerly known as Twitter) team, chimed in with: “Welcome onboard, SWA!” Looove this! Thank you so much for sharing Anne-Marie. Please DM your confirmation number so we can share the kudos to the Crew onboard. 💙❤️💛”

What do you think? Would you like to hear these kind of safety demonstrations when you fly or do you prefer the monotonous ones where no one is paying attention?

H/T View from the Wing

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2 Comments On "Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Draws Huge Cheers After Fun and Unique Safety Announcement"
  1. Ari|

    Cringe. Glad she’s enjoying her job though.

  2. Sandra|

    Anything that gets passenger’s attention is great! A few years ago Air France had a hilarious safety video with French models. Hawaiian also has a fun one on its longer (not inter island) flights.

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