There’s no doubt Southwest Airlines (SWA) picked the absolute worst time of the year last month to have a total meltdown. I was planning on taking a break over the Christmas holidays but I could see the writing on the wall so I stayed on top of it, reporting daily with tips and advice. RELATED: 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot they could do as the airlines aren’t back to flying the same amount of planes as they did pre-pandemic yet passenger numbers were above 2019.

Southwest not only screwed their own passengers but crew members as well; some of them couldn’t even get a hold of their supervisors and had to sleep in airports or find a hotel for themselves.

It was a real mess and if my wife hadn’t gotten sick over the holidays, the Southwest debacle would have messed us up too … and we weren’t even flying with them. We had an American Airlines flight from Toronto to Los Angeles via Dallas on December 28th and our first flight ended up getting delayed by three hours meaning we would have missed our connection to L.A. (two hours and forty five minutes was obviously not enough).

I only know this because I didn’t cancel the flight as I was hoping it would be severely delayed or canceled so I could get my money back instead of a lame flight credit. My trick of monitoring worked and was able to get my $250 per person back. But what was shocking is that before I canceled, American sent me a message that I would need to take a later flight. Except there was NOTHING available for over a week from DFW to anywhere in Southern California. It was crazy.

My point is: Southwest Airlines ruined Christmas not just for their customers and employees but for others too and they’re still paying the price today. The DOT is now investigating them and they’re getting raked over the coals by travel experts, analysts and … even comedians.

Although it’s been over a month, they’re still getting it and last night’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) did them dirty. I found the two-minute skit they did hilarious. Watch the video below:

SNL: Southwest Airlines employees introduce a new, upgraded airline experience

YouTube video

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  1. David R. Miller|

    Saturday Night Live used to be fun to watch- now it has evolved into a sickening platform for ignorant, unfunny morons.

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