I’ve never flown Spirit Airlines before, for a number of reasons: I have elite status on other airlines, so it really doesn’t make sense to give up the coveted perks of free: baggage, seat assignments, extra legroom, upgrades (if space if available) and food. And of course, having dedicated phone and airport lines and priority boarding doesn’t hurt either. RELATED: Flying Spirit, Frontier or Allegiant Airlines? This is the bag you need so you don’t get charged extra

Mystery liquid leaks down aisle on Spirit Airlines flight.Plus, I always travel with my laptop bag and really don’t want to deal with their draconian carry-on fees. And, whenever there’s a story about people behaving badly in an airport or on an airplane (like this one: Despicable Spirit Airlines gate agents caught stealing from carry-on have been arrested), it oftentimes involves Spirit Airlines.

About a decade ago, I actually did buy a ticket on Spirit Airlines from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa but when I  checked in, they tried to charge me for my carry-on so out of stubbornness, flexibility and principle, I canceled my ticket and rented a car. I’m not sure what I was thinking back then, especially since I have some friends who really do love the airline.

But what happened this week on a Spirit Airlines flight from Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport isn’t making me want to jump at the chance to check them out anytime soon. Watch the video below, as airplane passengers are horrified to see liquid from restroom leak down the aisle:

YouTube video

According to USA Today, “Passengers on board a Spirit Airlines flight headed to New Jersey witnessed an unexpected and strange sight midair when they watched a mystery liquid flow down the aisle, seeping from one of the plane’s lavatories. Video (embedded above) shows some passengers sitting in the aisle of the plane gawking at the fluid during this week’s flight, while others laugh, some recording footage of the unexpected situation from their phones.”

The first word that comes to my mind is, “Ewww!” I mean, how nasty is that? And this underscores even more why you should never (ever!) take your shoes off on the plane and then walk down the aisle or go into the lavatory. Especially barefoot! RELATED: Kamala Harris has ‘had it’ with shoeless, sockless people on airplanes

A Spirit Airlines spokesperson told USA Today that once the flight landed in Newark, their maintenance team said the liquid was caused by ” an issue with a potable water line connected to a sink in the rear lavatory.”  They said the issue was addressed and the aircraft was cleared to continue with its next flight. Thankfully, with me not on it.


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