An American Airlines baggage handler has been caught on video doing what can only be described as ‘bowling with bags’. It’s not a great look for American Airlines but I can’t say I really blame the worker for playing the game … it looks like fun, especially if you’re doing the same monotonous job loading and unloading bags all day long. But … that’s only if you’re not damaging the bags or their contents in the process and with his aim, that seems rather unlikely. RELATED: American Airlines baggage handler video goes viral for showing how his job is like playing a real life game of Tetris

American Airlines baggage handler treats bags like bowling pins.A Fly Guy (Jay Robert) posted the short clip on his Instagram and credited @sir_quay with the video but I think he might have since deleted it as I can’t find it. Here’s the video:

Most commenters on social media weren’t amused. Here’s what some people had to say:

“Oh the nerve!! Just quit if you hate your job. Ugh.”
“And that’s why the wheels are broken.”
“Nobody with that attitude belongs anywhere near an aircraft.”
“This guy couldn’t make it at bowling and looks like his job at being a baggage handler ain’t looking too good either 😂”
“As a ramp agent for 35 years now, I keep telling my coworkers, “BE CAREFUL”, we are being watched, carry yourself with proper decorum and professionalism. Treat the bags as if they belong to our parents. Cutting corners in a negative way can be dangerous and can cost your job.”

As Jay points out on his post, this video “demonstrates the importance of investing in quality luggage when you check your bag.” That’s a fact. I’ve talked about this many times and is one of the reasons my wife and I are such big fans of ROAM luggage.

As I’ve shared time and time again, this is why it’s best to travel carry-on only You can show up to the airport later, you don’t have to pay to check bags, you don’t have to worry about an airline employee stealing from them or worry about your bags getting lost. You can also easily switch flights if your flight is delayed or canceled and carry-on makes taking public transportation so much easier. And you don’t have to wait what seems like an eternity for your bags to come out at baggage claim. And as this video proves, you won’t have to be worried about your luggage getting knocked around like a bowling pin.


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