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Taylor Swift is, no doubt, the biggest music star on the planet right now. My Instagram feed is full of friends and celebrities at her concerts and she’s generating millions upon millions of dollars for every city she visits. I read yesterday that she’s bringing in about $320 million to Los Angeles alone. RELATED: How to Vacation Like Taylor Swift

According to KTLA, “the average concertgoer has spent $1,328 to attend one of Swift’s shows” and that doesn’t include travel costs. Taylor’s tickets sell out in minutes. It’s the hottest ticket in town, which means that not everyone can go, including Samantha Meany, who goes by @idkitssammy on TikTok.

Samantha is making headlines because she shared a conversation she had with her Southwest pilot. One travel outlet wrote, “Depending on your point of view, this incident can be viewed as sweet, generous, surprising, ill advised, foolish, opening the door to inane passenger expectations – and that’s just looking at a few possibilities. What happened? A Taylor Swift fan asked a Southwest pilot to fly over the pop star’s concert in Los Angeles — and guess what – he obliged.”

In the video, which you can watch below, Samantha asks the flight attendant if she can ask the pilot a question. She says, “Go for it.” It’s obvious that this takes place during boarding and not mid-flight, as many people see to think. Those commenters have obviously never flown before in the U.S. after 9/11 because when the cockpit doors are open, flight attendants guard the galley, usually standing behind the drink cart like they’re secret service. Pilots and flight attendants slip in and out while trading places with another flight attendant as there always has to be two people in the cockpit.

Samantha approaches the cockpit and says, “Knock Knock! I have a question.” The pilot can be heard saying, “Yeah, what’s that?” Samantha says, “So I was looking at like the flight path of where we’re gonna go from here to LA. Are we gonna fly over Inglewood?”

The pilot says, “It depends which runway they clear us to land on, but yes. Either way, we’re gonna be close to being right over Inglewood.”

Sam says, “Because the Taylor Swift concert is happening right there right now. And I think that’d be super cool.”

The pilot says, “If we fly over it, we fly right over. Especially if we get 24 Right.”

Samantha replies, “Because I couldn’t go to the concert, so I want to fly over it and see. So that’s what I’m gonna be looking for.”

Then the pilot says, “Is it your birthday?” Samantha is wearing a ‘Birthday Girl’ tiara and replies that her birthday is tomorrow. He asks if she’s ever been up to the cockpit before. She says no and he invites her up to take a photo. In my experience, most pilots are super cool, especially to little kids and anyone interested in aviation.

@idkitssammy Not the pilot insulting me ? Did you guys know you can just walk up here???? #southwestairlines #taylorswift #flying #pilot ♬ original sound – Sams

Many people are up in arms because they think this happened mid-flight. The most popular comment on her TikTok video, which has 95,700+ likes, was: “Why did I think this was mid fight??????”

Even Southwest commented with “Eras Tour (Southwest’s Version).”

One thing about Southwest Airlines is that they have some of the coolest flight attendants and crew.

And did you know, Taylor Swift used to fly Southwest before she became a mega star? In her commencement address to NYU students, she even gave a great (and hilarious) tip for keeping the seat next to you empty on Southwest Airlines.

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