If you’ve ever flown Southwest Airlines, you know just how special their flight attendants can be. They are some of the funniest and nicest in the air, which definitely contributes to the airline having such a loyal following.

This deserved reputation only continues to be reinforced by the many videos shared online showcasing Southwest Airlines flight attendants being sweet, kind and thoughtful to their passengers. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

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And yes … they’ve done it yet again!

Fortunately, a passenger filmed the surprising and impromptu moment when a flight attendant got on the PA system and said: “We have royalty on board. Just in case you’re wondering, we have a young lady who is a bride-to-be. She is quite the princess and she’s on her way to Austin for her bachelorette trip. I need a little help from every lady on the plane that is married or has been married. I’m going to walk up and down the aisle and I’m gonna give out a napkin. If you would get out a pen or something to write with, share amongst yourselves, if you would take a moment to write a little note of encouragement or a piece of advice … what was something you would like to know before you became a bride that you can share with her? If you could write that on the napkin so that I can pass that off to her and she can hold on to those for a long time to remember this specific trip. I’d be so grateful. Thank you!”


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Southwest Airlines shared the video embedded above on Threads with the caption: “We love celebrating all of our Passengers’ big life moments. This bride-to-be had a special celebration at 35,000 feet that she will never forget. 🥰”

They aren’t kidding! The whole time the fight attendant was making this announcement, you can tell Brie was truly flabbergasted and so were her friends. I don’t think they could believe the special shout-out and the royal treatment that followed, which included a crown and a hilarious sash made out of Southwest’s pretzel packages.

The most touching part, at least for me, was when Brie showed the huge pile of napkins she received with notes of encouragement and advice from fellow passengers.

Here are a few of the special notes:

The comments on the post were equally touching: @madelinedelp: This made me cry!! It’s so beautiful to see women supporting each other 🥹🥹

@mikemiller2022: This is amazing, I know she will always cherish this flight and the sweet flight attendant. Good job!!

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