Kevin Coop, a film producer from Brooklyn, discovered an unwelcome passenger who hitched a ride on a three-hour driver to upstate New York. Coop recorded two videos of the rat climbing up the hood of his car, towards the end of the drive. RELATED: VIDEO: Is This For Real? NYC Subway Rat Nibbles Crumbs Off of Passed Out Dude’s Lips

YouTube video

In the first 35-second video, he can be heard saying, “I just got to way upstate and I brought a [blank] rat with me!”

In the second video, he’s pulled over with the hood of the BMW open. The engine is exposed and the rat is running around. Coop then says, “Okay, go!” The rat then goes into a hole of the car and off-camera, you can hear a woman yell EW! But Coop sounds like a fun, relaxed guy, as many people who commented on different platforms wouldn’t have been so chill.

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@asabilee: I would have sold that car.. actually abandoned it right then and there cuz ain’t no way. She also commented, “Omg omg the rat on the car dipping out of sight?! I would have crashed”

Other viewers left some funny remarks like: @hamad1213: the rat making it out the hood to start new life or @cowboy.bebop1998, who said: Ratatouille wanted out ny. It’s funny, the first thing I thought of was Ratatouille probably because I watched it three nights ago with my son.

I’m no mechanic but one reader left a viable solution to prevent this from happening to you. @chriscrapanzano: “My mechanic sprays my engine with peppermint oil whenever we get an oil change because they like to live in engines when it gets colder in NYC.”

Here’s Kevin Coop’s Instagram handle so you can see the videos directly and follow him for more. While you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to follow me, @JohnnyJet or better yet, sign up to my free daily travel tip or weekly newsletter.


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1 Comment On "Hitchhiking Rodent: New York City Rat Hitches Free Ride to Upstate New York on Car Hood"
  1. Joan Connors|

    Many years ago, I flew into Ontario, CA from Portland, OR to visit my kids. My daughter picked me up; she was parked next to a palm tree. The passenger side car door was open while my luggage was going in the trunk, and after I got into the car, I saw a bushy tail between my seat and the door, and screamed “RAT”!! My daughter flew out of the driver’s side and I followed her. We were in such a hurry to get out that we never saw where the “rat” went. She made me search the car to make sure the critter was gone, saying that if it decided to show up during our two hour drive to San Diego, we would surely be in a terrible accident! I swear that I searched under both seats, even hitting the seats themselves in case it was somehow hiding there. No rat appeared, so we assumed it had jumped out at the airport. Two hours later we decided to stop at a Chili’s restaurant in San Diego, and after she parked and stopped the car, I looked down to open the door, and there was the RAT, which was actually a bushy tailed squirrel! I screamed at my daughter “GET OUT!” and we both exited the car exactly as we had done in Ontario. This time I saw the squirrel jump out and run away. Unfortunately, SHE did not. The next day she had one of her mechanics at work check her car inside and out, just to make sure. To this day, she still doubts that there really was a squirrel, or rat, or any creature at all. Maybe I had a few glasses of wine on the plane? But I SAW IT, and I hope the squirrel was able to start a new life in San Diego. I’m sure his family misses him to this day!

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