Poor Frontier Airlines. They’ve been in the news a lot lately and not for anything great, like getting busted for incentivizing their gate agents to enforce their outrageous baggage fees. That’s right. If your carry-on fit in their bag sizer but they still charged you $99, it’s because the agents get a kickback. Here’s that story.

Another Frontier Airlines story that made headlines was when an unruly passenger had to be dragged off of the plane and then ended up biting and kicking police officers.

Well, the latest incident really isn’t Frontier’s problem as a rat on the loose at the airport shouldn’t be their problem. Unfortunately for them, they’re just being dragged into the story since it occurred by one of their gates. But before I tell you the airport, let’s see if you can guess. Clue: It happened at a major U.S. airport in the south that’s popular with families. If you guessed MCO, then you’re correct! I originally thought it must have happened in a New York airport since they have a rat problem and after seeing this video from earlier in the year, who knows?!

In case you don’t know your airport codes, MCO is Orlando International Airport. If you’re curious how Orlando was designated MCO it’s not because Orlando is home to ‘Mickey’s Corporate Office’, a longstanding joke. It actually stands for McCoy Air Force Base, which is where the airport stands today.

See what happened in the 27-second video below, which is captioned: “ONLY AT FRONTIER AIRLINES MCO CAN YOU FIND THIS”

@randymulvaneyONLY AT FRONTIER AIRLINES  MCO CAN YOU FIND THIS♬ original sound – randymulvaney

As you can imagine, since these days everyone has a smart phone and they’re ready to record, there are multiple angles. Here’s another:

@nicolebaxter512 Anyone who was in MCO Terminal A this morning is scarred for life #RAT #OrlandoAirport #fyp ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

This is something you don’t see every day at an airport, something all travelers should be thankful for. However, I’d much rather see an out-of-control rat than the recent slew of entitled, out-of-control passengers. Take your pick on who was worse: The Alabama mother ripping and throwing the computer at the gate agent or the young woman accused of stealing food from the an airport concession stand and spraying the police and passengers with a fire extinguisher.

Hat tip: Miles Quest & View from the Wing



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