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I was asked the other day why it seems like every single day there’s either an unruly passenger incident or a plane making an emergency landing. I think there are a couple of reasons. First, more people than ever are traveling. And secondly, almost everyone has a smartphone and a social media account, which means a recorded story can go viral within minutes. RELATED: Unruly Frontier Airlines Passenger Dragged Off Plane in Florida While Biting and Kicking Police Officers

Frontier Airlines airplane.
Looking at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) numbers, officers just yesterday, March 21, screened 2,677,627 people at airport checkpoints nationwide. One year ago on the same day: 2,451,051. This marks the 36th day straight of numbers higher than 2023 and way more than 2019 (pre-pandemic). In fact, it would have been 66 straight days if not for February 14, which, in 2023, had only 59,000 more people clearing security.

Speaking of the pandemic, that might be reason number three for all the airline and airport incidents as it does seem some people have lost their minds or are still stressed out.

One of them appears to be this operations manager from Frontier Airlines at Denver International Airport. I’ve never flown Frontier for a number of reasons, including the fact that they’re an ultra low-fare carrier and you know what that means … you get what you pay for. Also, they admitted to the fact that their gate agents are paid a fee every time they make one of their passengers pay $99 to carry or check their bag at the gate.

Daniel Lemon posted a video on TikTok (embedded below) this week with the caption, “Frontier flight 2746 at Denver 3/17/24. Delayed 3 hours, then 25 of us got “involuntarily bumped” and sent to customer service, where there are no agents. The gate attendants scattered so someone knocked on the door to see what’s going on and this ensued.”

@danthe_doorman Frontier flight 2746 at Denver 3/17/24. Delayed 3 hours, then 25 of us got “involuntarily bumped” and sent to customer service, where there are no agents. The gate attendents scattered so someone knocked on the door to see whats going on and this ensued #frontier @Frontier Airlines #DIA #FrontierIsGarbage ♬ original sound – Daniel Lemon


In the one-minute and seven-second video, a man, who turns out to be an operational manager, can be heard yelling, “We are busy and I will call the police, OK?” Then a passenger says, “What are you doing?” and another asks, “How is that the answer?”

The manager keeps screaming, “We are busy.” A calm passenger then states the obvious: “Then come tell us you’re busy. We don’t know what’s going on. Just communicate.” One irate passenger yells: “There are six stalls, where the f— is anybody,” and yells to another Frontier employee to “Get your s–t together!” The agent said she was going to be escorted out of the airport.

According to FlightAware, F92746 arrived in Tampa an hour and 50 minutes late. It’s not clear whether or not the irate passenger swearing at the worker was onboard.

There’s no doubt traveling can be stressful and even more so when you’re dealing with ultra low-fare-carriers that don’t have enough workers to even man their customer service line.


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