It’s not news to anyone that unruly passenger incidents have become a problem in the skies. The number of reported unruly passenger incidents peaked in 2021 at a whopping 492% increase over the previous year, as travel resumed following the first year of the pandemic. RELATED: What Do Flight Attendants Notice When You Board a Plane? Here’s What They’re Looking For

Above, you can see the trend of incidents according to data shared by the FAA. And while the numbers in 2022 and so far in 2023 have come down significantly from the high in 2021, they’re still much higher than pre-pandemic years.

All of this means that flight attendants’ jobs are getting more challenging and in some cases, even dangerous. The least we can do is try to make their jobs a little easier and not do the things that annoy them.

An American Airlines flight attendant named Ally recently took to TikTok to share her pet peeves as a flight attendant and while most of these would seem to be common sense, it appears that perhaps common sense isn’t so common after all. Otherwise Ally wouldn’t feel the need to tell people not to do these things when they’re on-board an aircraft.

So, here’s what she has to say about her pet peeves as a flight attendant and what she recommends doing instead:

1 Talking during the safety demo
“Please do not talk on the phone while we are doing the safety demo,” Ally says. “It’s not allowed and we hate having to ask you to stop. Also, talking loudly to other passengers during the safety demo is not ideal. In many instances, you probably have plenty of passengers around you that have never flown before. So, while you might have seen the safety demo five million times and you know what to do in case of an emergency, maybe the person to your left or your right or the person in front or behind you has not flown before and they’re not familiar with aircrafts. For everyone’s safety, please respect the safety demo.”

2 Expecting us to help you with your bags
“We’re actually not supposed to help with your bags because we could get hurt doing so,” says Ally. “A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t lift your own bag, you should just check it. If you do need a little boost with your bag, there’s usually a passenger around your seat that is more than happy to assist.”

3 Do not poke your flight attendants
“When we’re walking through the aisle, when we have the carts, simply using the call light or a little wave does the trick,” she says. “Your flight attendants are here for your safety, your security and your comfort and we’re always going to do our best, making sure you do feel safe, secure and comfortable.”

“Those are just some little things that, you know, we talk about,” she concludes.

You can watch Ally’s full video below:

@allycase1 Very requested video: 3 airplane pet peeves from a flight attendant 😅 #petpeeves #flightattendant ♬ original sound – Ally | Travel + Lifestyle

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3 Comments On "American Airlines Flight Attendant Shares Her Top 3 Pet Peeves"
  1. Marcelo Gomes|

    On the other hand, passengers are tired of being abused ny airlines, and tired of som crew members thinking they are gods.

  2. Marcelo Gomes|

    I mean …abused by… and … some crew….

  3. Lynda|

    I do believe everyone needs to be respectable! On the other hand there are a lot of passengers that frequently fly and how many times do we have to listen the safety demo!

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