The May Rent Day perks and promotions for Bilt Rewards have just been announced. This month focuses on the Bilt Home Collection which can encourage you to spruce up your furniture and decorative accents in addition to maximizing Bilt rent rewards.

Bilt Home Collection Bonus Points

The May Rent Day focal point is redeeming Bilt Points through the Bilt Home Collection. Specifically, you get back 100% of any points you redeem for rent payments. These points can be used toward the Bilt Home Collection. Enjoy a minimum of 1,000 points and a 50,000 points maximum.

Follow these steps to get your points bonus:

  • Visit the Pay Rent tab in the Bilt app between 4/25 and 5/1
  • Select “Pay with Points”
  • Add the amount of points to redeem
  • Complete the rent redemption and automatically receive the same number of points to be used at the Bilt Home Collection.

Eligible points appear in the Collection tab in the Bilt Rewards app. These points expire after six months.

Rent payments are typically not the most valuable way to redeem rewards points as travel tends to be the most valuable. However, the 100% Rent Day perk can make it worth it if you need new decor.

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Bilt Private Dining Experiences

In addition to rent rewards, private dining experiences are available for $150 or 15,000 points in the following cities:

  • New York
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta
  • Dallas
  • Boston

Full location details are available in the app starting April 26 with Platinum members able to reserve a spot starting at noon Eastern.

Along with this one-day promotion, you can enjoy Bilt dining perks in select cities by paying with a linked credit card year-round.

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Other May Rent Day Perks

Along with the above benefits, you can enjoy these recurring Bilt benefits:

  • Double Points on the First: Earn double the points on all non-rent purchases with the Bilt World Elite Mastercard® on May 1 (up to 10,000 bonus points).
  • Free SoulCycle Rides: Book a complimentary ride at 50+ SoulCycle locations on May 1. Start making reservations at noon Eastern on April 27 and one rider win up to $2,500 in free rent.
  • Rent Free Game Show: Engage in a competition by accurately guessing the most popular member responses. The top 10 players can win free rent. This month’s host is singer Lele Pons.
  • Point Quest Trivia: Correctly answer up to six trivia questions to win as many as 250 Bilt Points.

Along with this month’s Rent Day benefits, Bilt recently announced a partnership with BLADE where members can enjoy earning bonus points, complimentary lounge access, and transfers.

Additionally, there are many great ways to transfer Bilt Points to airline and hotel transfer partners. As a reminder, May is the last full month to transfer points directly to American Airlines as this partnership ends during the summer with one of the world’s largest passenger airlines. Bonus points earned with this month’s perks can be put towards a flight with this carrier and many other travel partners.

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Paying rent with Bilt Points is more rewarding in May as you get 100% of them back to spend on Bilt Home Collection purchases. In addition to saving money on rent, you can give your dwelling a spring cleaning and a fresh look.

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