I love Jeopardy, especially when the questions are travel-related. I wrote this article Can You Answer This Airline-Related Final Jeopardy Question? last month and it was well-received so I’m back with another Final Jeopardy question … or is it ‘answer’ since your answer needs to in the form of a question? Regardless, you know the drill. RELATED: Jeopardy Ran an Aviation Themed Category Last Night – How Many Did You Get Right?

When my wife sent me this official Jeopardy video on YouTube, I found it surprising that they didn’t show the actual flag. I guess that would have been too easy. Instead, host Ken Jennings displayed and read this question from the category World Flags: “The flag of this Asian nation features part of a World Heritage site built in the 12th century.”

As I write this post, I haven’t listened to the answer yet even though the video is just one minute and 48 seconds long. I’ll give my guess and answer at the bottom so I don’t ruin the game for you.

If you don’t want to spend a whole minute watching, fast forward to the one-minute mark to get the answer. The contestant with the lowest score didn’t get it but the other two contestants did.

YouTube video

My guess was Cambodia because of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, which I visited with my wife in 2014. Turns out, I was right! Why couldn’t I have been watching this live with my mother-in-law since she usually knows all the answers while I’m yelling gibberish at the TV from her La-Z-Boy.

BTW: Going to Siem Reap was super easy and cheap because we were in Thailand for a travel conference and booked a two-night excursion. Flights were under $100 on AirAsia and the flight time was just 40 minutes. Here’s my review. We stayed at the Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa and loved it, except be warned. While we were there, the stairs were crazy slippery. My wife had flip flops on (not the smartest footwear) and she went flying. She hit her head and landed on her butt so hard it was crazy scary. To this day, she still has a slight dent on one of her cheeks.

UPDATE: After looking up the Flag of Cambodia, I realize now why they didn’t show it on the show.

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