Like so many people, I’ve been a fan of Jeopardy for a long time. I’m not able to watch it as much anymore because it airs right at our kids’ bedtime but between my wife and I, we’ve logged hours and hours and hours of Jeopardy viewing in our lifetimes. RELATED: 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today

Ross Feinstein, who used to do public relations for American Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) tweeted out yesterday: “@Jeopardy #AvGeek edition this evening: one category was “Flying Colors.” How many did you get right?”

Of course, Jeopardy decided to run an aviation themed category just a few days after I left my mother-in-law’s house in Toronto. She tunes into the show every evening at 7:30pm. My mother-in-law usually runs the board and I sit there just spouting out nonsense – mostly because I’m only half paying attention.

However, I do wish she was in my presence when the Flying Colors category hit the board because she would’ve looked at me like I was Ken Jennings.

Here are the questions, along with the answers are at the bottom of this story. Take a run through them and see how many you can answer correctly!

Benjamin Moore’s Paint called this, also an airline, is a dark sapphire; the airline’s planes do have the appropriate tailfin color.

Fittingly, desert gold is one of the colors that has been used on this U.S. airline’s planes.

This airline’s planes have teal tails that sport a green shamrock with heart-shaped leaves.

This airline’s planes sport purple, fuchsia & coral to depict Pualanie. The flower of the sky, who wears a hibiscus in her hair.

This Israeli airline has a blue Star of David on the tail of its planes.

JetBlue Airways
$400: Southwest Airlines
$600: Aer Lingus
$800: Hawaiian Airlines
$1000: El Al Airlines

This was a fun category, especially if you’re an AvGeek like me. I love planespotting and if you do too, check out this insane video of what might be the best place in the world for planespotting.

How did you do? Leave a comment with your score!


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