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Flytographer 2022 (San Diego)

Here’s a brilliant idea that I wish I had thought of! Many traveling couples go on vacation and come home to realize that they don’t have any decent photos together. Well, here’s the solution: Hire a professional photographer to do a photo shoot during your travels using Flytographer. They are reasonably priced and have photographers in 380+ major cities around the world (here’s the full list) so chances are, if you’re visiting one of the world’s most popular travel destinations –as well as a growing number of smaller destinations– they’ll have a photographer available.

Flytographer 2016 (Los Angeles)

Here’s how it works: Just browse the website’s photographer galleries to find the photographer you prefer, book your shoot, then a Shoot Concierge is assigned who will confirm your shoot route, ideal times and photographer availability. When it’s all finalized, the Concierge will send you a Shoot Scoop with all the details. When you arrive to your shoot, you’ll meet your photographer and review your shoot goals.

Flytographer 2014 (Paris)

The shoots are fun and informal so you can just meander the streets together, chat and soak up the moment while your photographer casually captures memories. Flytographers are like a local friend who knows all the insider tips, best places to shoot (including hidden spots), great cafes and places to avoid.

Flytographer 2016 (Hawaii)

They can do both casual, candid shots as well as posed portraits, whichever you prefer. You can book a photo shoot on vacation or even a hometown shoot, an even ask your photographer to capture a few new headshots for you. Within five business days of your shoot, your Flytographer Shoot Concierge will send you the online gallery of your vacation memories and a link to download all your high resolution images in a single click. Prices vary, but the service starts at $285 for a 30-minute shoot. Click here to book.

Flytographer 2018 (London)

As you can see, we have had the good fortune of working with Flytographer and they have provided us with many shoots over the years. We’ve had photo shoots done in London, Paris, Hawaii, Los Angeles and most recently, San Diego (top picture). These photos are some of our most treasured memories and we’ve blown many of them up and hung them in our house. Every single Flytographer we’ve ever worked with has been wonderful and extremely friendly and talented. I can’t recommend this company and their services enough. Let me know if you book your own Flytographer shoot!

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8 Comments On "Why you should book a Flytographer photo shoot"
  1. Jerry|

    A few questions.
    What do I get for the $250?
    Did you pay for the service?

  2. Alfred|

    What about asking random strangers to take your photos? It’s free and the pictures look less fake.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You get what you pay for

    2. Antonio|

      Let’s be real, phone cameras are great but under certain conditions, they will never match the quality of a DSLR. Also, great pictures with your own son/daughter are worth every penny.

  3. Wayne|

    As a photographer myself, my wife hates it when I start teaching a stranger how to properly take a photo of us. I’m thinking that I’m helping them, by teaching them some basic composition (How many times has someone taken a picture with heads EXACTLY in the center of the frame? What I do is take one example so they can see what I want and I’ve NEVER had someone not thank me for helping them. And in the reverse, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped others with shots of their group and discovered that they did not know that their camera was set to 4:3 and not 16:9.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You’re a good man!

  4. Wayne|

    I’ve ditched my $5000 DSLR on trips because the newer iPhones have a wide-angle lens now and has an amazing ability to lighten and darken parts of the image that, in the past, I used to have to fix in post.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I only bring ours for the Zoom lens.

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