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A reader recently sent me an email about night light recommendations. The person wrote: “We always take some of these night lights when we travel. They seem to have a perfect amount of light, not too bright. Amazon carries them.”

The lights they recommend are the Amber Night Light, Plug-in LED Nightlight, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Energy Efficient, Plug in, Soft Glow, 2 Pack (M1801)

It’s funny, many parents of young children travel with night lights but I started carrying them when I began traveling with my elderly dad. He would get up multiple times in the night to use the loo because of the medication he was on. When we traveled, we would share a room and he would disturb me when he turned on the bathroom light so I quickly wised up and started packing his night light from home. It did the trick and I would sleep much better. Ear plugs and a good sleep mask can also help you get a better night’s sleep in a hotel, both of which I recommend in my story about how to sleep on a plane.

Now, I carry a night light because my five-year-old son sometimes likes a little light to fall asleep .It’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up too much space. Besides they’re inexpensive and most importantly, can light your way in an unfamiliar room so that you don’t bump into anything or trip and fall. And lastly, it prevents you from having to turn on the lights full blast and really wake yourself up from a deep sleep.

I’m not the only one who recommends traveling with night lights. My buddy and tech expert, Rich DeMuro posted on Instagram: “My #1 travel hack: bring a nightlight for the bathroom.”

It’s a good idea regardless of whether you travel with an elderly person or a little one. There have been times when I’ve tried to maneuver around a pitch-dark hotel room, from the bed to the bathroom, and I end up tripping over a coffee table or bench at the end of the bed. One time I almost killed myself and my wife’s friend broke his nose by walking into an armoire in the middle of the night. Buy these night lights here on Amazon.

7 Comments On "Bring a Night Light to Avoid Accidents When You Travel"
  1. Bill Britton|

    I have a set for Europe when I travel with friends I make sure each bathroom has a night light. You can’t use the ones from the USA, but you can pick them up while in Europe.

  2. Anonymous|

    My husband and I carry a flashlight (small to med. size) to use to go to the bathroom at night. It’s smaller than that plug in light (thinner), Suits us better. Try it. That way the light need not be on all night.

    Kathleen P

  3. Ashley|

    You can also get surprisingly good nightlights at the dollar store.

  4. Kathy|

    We purchased a battery operated night light to use in Europe. If you take the batteries out and keep them packed with the night light, you extend the battery life for multiple years.

  5. Yvonne|

    In an unfamiliar hotel room I always leave the bathroom door ajar with the light on. I don’t want a light in the hotel room itself but I want enough light to guide me into the bathroom. Plus it gives me enough light to know the layout of the room in case of an emergency & I need to exit.
    I do this also in Airbnb’s. I dislike wasting electricity but I do keep a few lights on in the apartment I’m renting.

  6. Carol|

    Absolutely..think it a good help avoid serious trip and fall accidents. It is easy to misstep in lit rooms ..on occasion..never mind total darkness..I always have a nightlight ..or small light ..even t.v. .I know of someone who tripped over the family dog in front of their bedroom door ..and was in coma ..had to have brain surgery…Fortunately recovered after a year.
    It is better to have a light to show the way at night.

  7. busyinoc|

    It may not be adequate for the elderly or little ones, but that’s why the flashlight app on my cell phone is front and center on the home screen.

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