One of my favorite parts about interviewing frequent travelers for my podcast and YouTube channel is learning how they travel and discovering their best travel tips. The latter is usually my last question in any given interview and it always provides readers, viewers and myself with valuable travel information. One of the answers recently really surprised me since I’d never heard of it or thought of it but it’s brilliant, cheap and effective. RELATED: Why You Should Add These 8 Health Items to Your Toiletry Bag When You Travel

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Laura Davidson, who has been a PR maven for decades, is based in NYC and has clients all around the world including in Australia and Scotland. Her best travel tip? She told me she always packs two packages of cough drops in her carry-on bag because there’s almost always someone next to her on a plane coughing. Instead of offering her seatmate just one drop, she offers them the whole pack.

It’s a brilliant idea and especially with COVID-19, no one wants to be coughing, even if it’s just an innocuous tickle in your throat. Instead of waiting to get to the airport to buy over-priced cough drops (or anything, for that matter) stock up in advance.

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My favorite cough drops are Honees. They’re made in Italy from real honey and they’re available on for cheap. I wrote about them five years ago after a colleague gave me one at a conference when I was coughing and I was immediately hooked.

I just ordered a box of 24 of the original Honees for $20 so that’s less than $1 a pack. Amazon also sells them in packets of 20 starting at $4.34 or a pack of 12 for $28.45. I’ve never tried the Honees menthol version but I might have to. They come in two flavors: Honey and Honey Lemon

And in case you’re not a honey fan, like my wife, then here are other cough drop flavors.

39 Travel Questions with Laura Davidson
Laura Davidson is the founder of LDPR, a leading travel and lifestyle PR agency based in NYC with staff in CHI, LA, SFO and was named one of the top PR agencies for 2021 by Forbes magazine. Laura’s traveled to 100 countries so I asked her all kinds of questions, including her best travel tips. Listen to the podcast here or watch the video below.

YouTube video


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3 Comments On "Why You Should Always Travel with Two Packs of These"
  1. Posey Griffin|

    Hi Johnny –
    Reading about the cough drop tip from Laura reminded me of what I always pack – especially for long flights. Nasal spray. Not glamorous but….
    You know how a head cold can hit you out of the blue? I’ve had the experience of having that happen once on a flight from California to NY and another time flying from New York to London. Both times the landings were so painful from pressure in my ears. Nasal spray is ideal for clearing your ears before you land. I don’t even use nasal spray when at home with a cold. But do I always carry it on board? You bet.
    BTW, when I saw one of your family pics in Norwalk, Conn, I thought, “hmmmm, sure looks like Rowayton to me.” If so, a great place to have grown up. If not, Norwalk has tons to offer and keeps getting better.
    Love your tips, they’ve helped us a lot.
    All the best,
    Posey Griffin
    Anamosa, IA (formerly of Redding, CT)

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for the tip! I always carry them too so I might run another tip. You’re spot on CT ;-)


    Thank you for providing such an informative article on Why You Should Always Travel with Two Packs of These

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