If you’re a baseball fan, then you know that the first two games of the 2024 season took place last week between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in the Seoul Series. Surprisingly, not that many friends of mine knew about it and we live in L.A. The reason was that the games began at 7pm in South Korea, which was 3am here on the West Coast. Yes, I did indeed get up to watch both of them … and I’m a Yankees fan. The Seoul Series brought back memories of when I attended MLB’s Opening Day in 2014 in Sydney, Australia! Here’s what it was like.

The rest of the MLB teams begin their season this Thursday, March 28. In fact, all 30 teams will play on Thursday and according to MLB.com, there are a couple of new rules to complement all the changes the league made in 2023 to speed up the game. “Major League Baseball is opening the express lane to first base by modifying what had been among its most confusing rules. The joint Competition Committee voted Thursday to approve a widening of the runner’s lane to include the dirt between the foul line and the infield grass. The committee also voted to reduce the pitch clock allotment by two seconds with runners on base and reduce mound visits by one, amid other minor changes aimed at further improving pace of play.”

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Just in time, T-Mobile is bringing back a popular promotion that I’ve written about for the last four years. Today through Tuesday, April 2 at 4:59 a.m. ET (one week from now), all T-Mobile users can redeem a free, year-long subscription to MLB.tv, which streams full, live MLB games. It’s a $149.99 value.

If you’re a T-Mobile user like I am, this means a couple of clicks gets you access to hundreds of out-of-market MLB games for free all season. The key is ‘out of market’ so it’s perfect for travelers since I watch my beloved Yankees here in L.A. or wherever I travel except NYC. All you have to do is sign up through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app using the instructions here. Just make sure you do it by April 2!


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7 Comments On "Hey Baseball Fans: Here's How to Get MLB.TV For Free"
  1. Annie|

    The problem with the free MLB TV is that they blackout all the local games, which is all we are interested in.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      But you should be able to watch local games on TV, no? I live in L.A. so watching my beloved Yankees for free is amazing

  2. VegasWayne|

    Las Vegas doesn’t have a MLB team, yet. So I should get all the games.
    Thanks Johnny!

  3. Susan Fogarty|

    We are Angel’s fans, and we’re very upset when we couldn’t watch their 2nd game. My husband finally found it on his
    I phone on Apple TV. He said their commentators were horrible, talking about unrelated things instead of the game action.

  4. Paula|

    Any suggestions about how to watch or stream the tennis grand slams?

  5. JP|

    Blacked-out local games include road games. So, what’s the point of this app?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I live in L.A. but am a Yankees fan so I can watch every game except when they’re on national tv or in L.A.

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