I don’t know about you but I find that it’s not that easy to eat healthy on the road, especially when you like to indulge in local delicacies your doctor wouldn’t approve of. So when I return home from traveling, my first order of business is always getting back on track, eating healthier and cutting the costs of eating out all the time. Enter the Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Juice Extractor, which allows me to do all three. RELATED: An Easy Way to Get Healthy

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Full disclosure: Hamilton Beach sent us the Easy Clean Juice Extractor about three months ago and it has sat in its box under our kitchen counter since then. My wife loves fresh juice but in her experience, juicers are so cumbersome to use and clean, she’d rather just go to our local market and buy a fresh juice for $12. So, she wasn’t too excited about opening it up and giving it a try.

But the name Easy Clean gave me hope so I unboxed it, washed and dried the pieces and put it back together, just like the manual said.

To be honest, I didn’t even need the manual since its three main parts are pretty self-explanatory. I tried the manual’s first recipe listed, which is called The Eye-Opener and consists of two carrots, one apple and one tangerine. My kids, who are pretty wary of vegetables, reluctantly took a sip, then quickly held out their cups and said, “More, please!” I tried other recipes listed and created my own concoctions. The kids absolutely love it and so does my wife.

The most difficult thing to clean is the strainer basket but it comes with a nifty plastic cleaning tool that looks like a funky back scrubber. It seriously takes just three minutes to clean the whole thing and that’s without using the dishwasher. However, the manual suggests soaking the strainer basket in hot, soapy water for approximately 10 minutes immediately after juicing. Every removable part but the base is dishwasher safe. What makes cleaning even quicker is the instructions suggest using a plastic bag in the pulp catcher.

The Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Juice Extractor normally retails for $74.99 but at the time of publication, it’s on sale on Amazon for $55.95. Even if it wasn’t on sale, it would still be well worth the price tag since every time I buy a fresh juice, it costs between $8 and $14. Making your own costs about $1 so all you need to do is make 10 juices and you’re ahead of the game. And of course, you can’t put a price tag on your health. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Juice Extractor is an excellent addition to our kitchen. Buy it at Walmart or on Amazon.


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