Randy’s Donuts, an Angeleno institution and pop culture favorite, thanks to cameos in countless movies, television shows and even the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show, continues to expand. And this time, people traveling to, from and through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are going to be treated to a local taste. RELATED: Manhattan Beach: The Perfect LAX Layover

The original Randy’s Donuts opened in Inglewood, California in 1952 and features the iconic giant donut on top of its drive-thru and has recently opened up its first LAX shop. This is in addition to their dozen locations in Southern California, three in Las Vegas and surprisingly, one in the Philippines, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

Supposedly, this airport shop has been open for a few months but not many people know about it. I only learned about it today, thanks to a friend who is a United pilot and informed me. He thought that perhaps his colleagues who had told him about it were mistaken and that they meant Dunkin’ Donuts but sure enough, it’s a Randy’s.

This satellite shop is located in United Airlines’ Terminal 7 just before gate 74 (see screenshot above). It’s open seven days a week but only between 5am and 12:30pm. That’s because they don’t have a bakery on the premises. Instead, they have 400 to 500 fresh doughnuts delivered to LAX every morning from their original location, which is just three miles away.

According to SF Gate, the only news source I could find with information on its opening, “The donut shop’s LAX stand offers classic glazed donuts, as well as sugar-raised, chocolate raised and the sprinkled iced cake, each priced at $2.30. Guests can also grab fancier flavors like red velvet, jelly-filled and cinnamon rolls for an added charge. The kiosk even offers sets of six or a dozen in the classic Randy’s orange boxes.”

Whenever we’re invited to a party or want to bring a treat for our kids’ teachers, we often pick up one or two dozen donuts from Randy’s El Segundo shop. Ordering online is fast and easy as you can pick exactly which donuts you want and the time you want it to be ready. Just pay online, drive to the shop and go right to the counter. They’re always ready.

At their stores with a bakery, they have an amazing selection (photo above) and prices for a dozen range from $21.40 to $43. See below for the options and prices at their El Segundo store, which, by the way, is only three miles away from LAX as well. So if you have a long layover and are passing through after hours, instead of taking the long walk to Terminal 7, just hop in a taxi or Uber to El Segundo or Inglewood and grab a dozen or two to bring to your destination.

Reading the SF Gate story made me want to pop by Randy’s myself to grab a classic glazed and to try their ‘hot tip’. They say: “Travelers may now be afforded a chance to taste LA while on the move, but they’ll miss out on the best way to enjoy Randy’s classic glazed doughnut, which is to stick it in the microwave for 15 seconds and eat it warm.”

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