Just five miles from Los Angeles International Airport is one of the best beach communities in all of America. 

I live just five miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) so I know what I would do with a long LAX layover. I always tell my friends and family transferring through LAX on their way to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Asia … you know, all the places that make you jealous … to break up their trip and get out of the airport and go to Manhattan Beach. Nothing is worse than just mulling around an airport for hours. If your layover is three hours or more, jump in a rideshare or taxi and take a mini vacation. Better yet, spend a night or two on each end of your trip so you can recharge your batteries—literally and figuratively.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is a home of surfing and both beach and indoor volleyball. It’s a special community that used to be filled with pilots and flight attendants in the 70s, 80s and mid-90s until the housing market exploded and priced all the fun people out.

I used to live right on the Strand (the first row of houses on the beach) and when I first moved there in 1992, in a tear-down house on a single lot, it was selling for $750,000. Today, that same old house is priced at $14,000,000+. I made a HUGE mistake not rustling some money together to buy it. Many believe that MBS Studios is one of the main culprits behind the explosion since they built a movie studio down the street. MBS produces all kinds of shows and films like Ally McBeal and Avatar (here’s a complete list).

The easiest way to get to Manhattan Beach from LAX is to take a taxi, Lyft or UberX. Tell the driver you want to go to Manhattan Beach Boulevard and Highland Avenue (the heart of downtown). It should cost no more than $30 by taxi or $25 by UberX.

FYI: Be prepared for the taxi driver to give you a bit of attitude, as he will probably have been sitting in a line for two hours and will be bummed that he’s going only a short distance. If you don’t want the attitude take UberX or Lyft.

As you go down the hill you’ll see the famous Manhattan Beach Pier. It’s been in a lot of movies and was always featured in NBC’s coverage of the Manhattan Beach Open, the Wimbledon of beach volleyball, before the sponsors pulled out.

Store your Luggage
As of press time there’s no place to store your luggage in Manhattan Beach which is a real bummer. However, there are plenty of websites and apps that offer the service and new places keep popping up so check each site: Vertoe, LuggageHero, Stasher, Nannybag

What to do
Once in Manhattan Beach the best thing to do is stroll around the Strand and the pier (there’s a little aquarium at the end). I highly recommend renting a bike and cruising the bike path (you can go all the way south to Torrance or north to Santa Monica). Sadly, the only bike rental in Manhattan Beach closed so you will need to go to nearby Hermosa Cyclery.

Where to eat
This is one of my favorite parts about Manhattan Beach—the restaurants. There are so many to choose from and most are within walking distance from where you’ve been dropped off, so I’m just listing my favorites.


  • Uncle Bill’s Pancake House (1305 Highland Ave; Tel: 310-545-5177). It’s a diner that’s open for breakfast and lunch only and has super long waits on weekends/holiday mornings. I’ve eaten here so many times my picture is on the wall (to the right of the front door).
  • Le Pain Quotidien (451 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-546-6411) Yeah, it’s a chain but it’s darn good and they serve some healthy (and non-healthy) food. Get the mint tea and don’t try their hazelnut spread—it’s addicting.
  • Local Yolk (3414 Highland Ave; Tel: 310-546-4407) It’s located in North Manhattan Beach (about a mile away) and has an extensive menu and award-winning omelets. You won’t leave hungry.

If you are looking for something quick and light then go to Noah’s Bagel. There’s also a Coffee Bean, Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks within a block.

There are so many places I don’t know where to start, but here’s a quick list:

  • Almost anytime PR people want to take me out to lunch or dinner I suggest Petros (451 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-545-4100). They have fantastic Mediterranean food and I love their watermelon and peach salads (in season).
  • Izaka-ya By Katsu-ya (1133 Highland Ave; Tel: 310-796-1888). It’s a very well-run Japanese restaurant and even though I don’t eat sushi, I still frequent it often and get the apple ginger chicken, which comes with miso soup, rice and salad ($10.50).
  • When I’m in the mood for something quick I go to Lemonade (401 Manhattan Beach Blvd). It’s a gourmet deli chain and I get two salad portions for $5.25.
  • Simmzys (229 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-546-1201) is a gold mine. It’s always happening with the cool people drinking, eating and watching sporting events on their open-air patio.
  • If you want to live like a local go to Becker’s Bakery and grab a sandwich to eat down on the beach or pier or an Acai Bowl from Paradise Bowls.

If you happen to be in town on a Tuesday in the middle of the day, go to the Farmers Market (13th Street & Morningside Drive). Buy some fresh fruit and ask to try the spicy tempha from Dave’s Korean food. My favorite is Larry’s Tacos and get a fruit drink from the Hawaiian stand.


  • Rock ‘N Fish (120 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-379-9900) is always busy so you’ll need a reservation Thursday-Sunday. It’s great for steaks, seafood and Navy Grogs.
  • BREWCO (124 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-798-2744) serves casual California cuisine.
  • The Strand House (117 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-545-7470). They have the best location of all and take vending machines to a new level with their wine stations. They also have an insane glazed doughnut dessert with PB-n-chocolate, vanilla bean and caramel with fleur de sel.
  • Pancho’s Restaurant (3615 Highland Ave; Tel: 310-545-6670) is one of the oldest and best known landmarks in the South Bay area. It’s in North Manhattan Beach and has a festive atmosphere and solid Mexican food.
  • The Kettle (1141 Manhattan Ave; Tel: 310-545-8511) is a staple in Manhattan Beach as it’s been around since 1973. It’s the first restaurant I went to when I passed through with my dad in 1990. It’s open 24 hours and seems to always be crowded. I usually go with my friends late night.Dessert
    If you have a sweet tooth like me then listen up. Here’s the best places in Manhattan Beach to get your sugar fix:
  • Manhattan Beach Creamery (1120 Manhattan Beach Avenue; Tel: 310-372-1155) is a nostalgic ice cream shop with the best ice cream sandwiches around. Get one chocolate dipped and to go and eat it while walking down to the pier.
  • Becker’s Bakery (1025 Manhattan Ave; Tel: 310- 372-3214) is also located downtown and has been around since 1942. They make colorful cupcakes, cakes and cookies. I love their chocolate chip cookies. Closed on Monday’s.
  • Susie Cakes (3500 N Sepulveda Boulevard; Tel: 310-303-3780) is the place to go if you need to order a cake or pie for a special occasion. They’re located up in the Manhattan Village and are super busy around the holidays.


    I’m not much of a drinker but I go out with my friends the first half of the night and when they start to get sloppy I bail. Places we go:
  • Hennessey’s Tavern (313 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-546-4813) is an Irish bar right next door to Shark’s Cove. We usually go on St. Patrick’s Day and on Tuesdays when burgers are two-for-one.
  • Shellback Tavern (116 Manhattan Beach Blvd; Tel: 310-376-7857) is an institution in Manhattan Beach and the spot to be after any big volleyball tournament. The food is not too good (except the turkey tacos) but it’s happening and crowded.
  • Baja Sharkeez (3600 Highland Ave; Tel: 310-545-8811) is in North Manhattan Beach and is a popular USC bar that serves decent fish tacos. Go on taco Tuesday when it’s two-for-one and you’ll find lots of eye candy.
  • Ercoles (1101 Manhattan Ave; Tel: 310-372-1997) is a local dive bar that arguably serves the best, thickest and slowest hamburgers in town. If you go on Wednesday evenings it’s two for one.

Grocery Stores
Of course, if you ever need to grab snacks for the plane you have Vons supermarket right in town. There’s also a Ralphs, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and the Manhattan Village (a mall)—all of them are just off Sepulveda Blvd (close to the airport).


  • The swankiest place to stay in Manhattan Beach is Shade Hotel (1221 N Valley Drive; Tel: 310-546-4995). It’s a luxury boutique that’s in the heart of town and three blocks from the beach. Shade is also a hot spot Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, though they kick everyone out by 11 pm so they don’t disturb the guests. Rack room rates begin at $279. They also have a sleek rooftop Skydeck pool. See my 10 reasons to stay at Shade Hotel.
  • The Sea View Inn (3400 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach; Tel: 310-545-1504) is in north Manhattan Beach and located right on Highland Avenue. They offer free parking, complimentary bicycles, beach chairs, beach towels & boogie boards. Rack room rates begin at $130.
  • The Belamar Hotel is located off of Sepulveda and Valley. It’s just a few miles from LAX and has 127 rooms. I stayed there one night and here’s my story.
  • If you want to collect some Marriott hotel points there’s The Westdrift (1400 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach; Tel: 310-546-7511). It’s three miles south of LAX, has 385 rooms, and there’s a par-3 golf course in the backyard. However, it’s a good 2 miles from the beach. Rack room rates begin at $149.

Rent a house or an apartment
If you are staying longer than a day, then rent a house or an apartment. Airbnb and VRBO are the two major players.

Shoe repair or polish
If you need your shoes repaired or polished, the best place to go is Manhattan Shoe Repair (1010 Manhattan Ave; Tel:  310-376-7484). The man who owns this place takes so much pride in what he does that he can pretty much create magic. My wife wanted me to buy a new pair of shoes for our wedding but instead I brought an old pair of work shoes that I hadn’t worn in ten years and he made them look like new for $25. Chalk one up for the good guys!

Useful Manhattan Beach Resources

So there’s “my” Manhattan Beach. Hopefully, this will make your long layover at LAX (or stay in the area) and trip to whatever fabulous place you are going that much more enjoyable.


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  1. Select Registry|

    Great advice for LAX layovers! I’ve personally been to Petro’s and have to agree with you on that one.

  2. Shay Tressa DeSimone|

    Wish I had seen this before our all-day layover at LAX after our return from Tahiti! Do you happen to know if there’s someplace secure at the airport to leave carryon luggage if we were to go off-site? Would be useful to know for future reference…

    1. Lori-Airbnb Superhost|

      Great question…I look forward to the answer as well.
      FYI: If ever at YVR in Vancouver Canada they have a private company that stores your luggage.

  3. Chad|

    Great advice! Had a 5 hour layover so we grabbed a cab and killed about 2 hours in Manhattan Beach having lunch and a few drinks.

    1. Solo|

      Did you bring your luggage with you??

      1. Johnny Jet|

        I would check my luggage through and just keep your carryon

        1. Elizabeyh|

          Hi! I am planning a trip next month through LAX and will have a 6 hour layover. This looks perfect!! Any updates or other information you would add? Thanks so much!!

        2. bh|


  4. Mael Lian Ga|

    Amazing tips.. Ill be having a layover of 10 hrs… is the number of Ramez up to date???
    One last question is there anywhere to take a shower?? ie. public shower rooms… it would be nice to do that after walking in the beach and before taking my next 13 hrs flight…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      The number is up-to-date but here’s another good taxi company’s #. Kenny 310-918-2354 but they can’t pickup at LAX — only drop off. The beach has a shower every few blocks but they aren’t hot.

  5. Charlotte|

    Shall be using some of these tips on my trip next month. Thanks for the advice.

  6. Arlene|

    Two more restaurant suggestions: Abagaile – great food with a brewery inside. Kick back and relax. Little Sister – East meets west and no one does it better than Chef Tin Vuong. they’r ethe folks behind WildCraft in Culver City.

  7. Mary Gallagher|

    I flew into LAX and visited Redondo Beach also a close and inexpensive cab ride. Loved it and never had a car. See the story @ http://gallagherstravels.com/?p=3975

  8. Sandy|

    What great advice! I have a friend in LA, and would like to get there sometime. I’m sure much of the advice, including your personal driver will be helpful :-) I will definitely be filing this away!


  9. Sandy|

    Ah yes…definitely Le Pain Quotidien! One of my favorite restaurants to have breakfast when we go to Paris, and we have also been to one in New York. Love it!


  10. Robert|

    Going to be spending the day and evening at an LAX hotel on return from Australia in Feb. Thanks for the great tips, looks like a wonderful place to just stroll around, eat and enjoy the day!

  11. Carolyn Barr (@CarolynBarr)|

    I know this isn’t at the beach, but what is a long LAX layover without a trip to In-N-Out? :)

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Very true! That’s what you do on a short layover!

  12. Theresa Caruso|

    Love this post! I will definitely take this advice the next time I have a layover at LAX.

  13. kenneth jensen|

    Johnny, You could not have given better advice!!!!!!!!! I’m an LA resident {West Hollywood} and I always make it a point to get down to the southbay at least a couple of times a month!! Two of my FAVORITE places in all of LA county is Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, Thay are California!!! Its so nice to lay out in Hermosa & Manhattan Beach in Jan/Feb when the folks back in Rhode island are shoveling snow!!!!!

  14. travel6188|

    I have lived in Manhattan Beach since 1972. I feel like I am on vacation every day – really! No where else like it. I love The Kettle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Never had a bad meal there.

  15. cvail|

    I love this post. We need one for every major airport in the world. Are you on it?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks! I will work on it ;-)

  16. Joe Aro|

    Another good stop – and some of think a better one than MB – is Hermosa Beach. Settle in at Pier Plaza for great craft beer, superb wine list, and long tapas menu at Mediterraneo and for overnight a hundred yards away is the Beach House 1300 Strand, an elegant high rated hotel on the beach.

    1. Anonymous|

      Joe!!! You got that right!!! I absolutely love Hermosa beach!!!!! How lucky we are to live in Southern California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Donald McKellar|

    Good tips, but I probably would head downtown to the Bottega Louie Restaurant at 700 South Grand and have some great food. I still have not figured out where you might stash your bags so far in advance of check in with Qantas to AUS?

  18. Noo|

    Thank you for your post. We had 5 hours and did just that. Such fun. After 20+ hours of being on an airplane, my daughter was just about had it. After a trip to Manhattan Beach, she said, “This is the most wonderful vacation in the world!”

    1. Anonymous|

      What did you do with your luggage?

  19. Lyn|

    Our layover to Kona in Nov has just been extended by 4 hours so hubbie and I will definitely be taking a cab to Manhatten Beach to explore for a couple of hours … thanks for tip and I’ll feedback after the event.

    1. Ken Jensen|

      It will be well worth it!!!!!!!! You’ll love both Manhattan and Hermosa!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kate Puttock|

    Great advice thanks – just what I was looking for! We have one afternoon/evening in July before collecting our rental camper van the next morning and setting off to Zion NP. ( Day one of our road trip!) Sounds like a great way to relax before the long drive!

  21. Christina Bernstein|

    Johnny – I had a sublet in MB for years and now I’m up the road in Marina del Rey. Let me tell you how to do your layover for REAL CHEAP and still have fun – Beach Cities Transit bus is $1.00 from LAX transit center to downtown MB, and it’s free for seniors. That means more money to spend at Simzy’s

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thanks

  22. Tracy Johnson|

    I have lived in Manhattan Beach since 1977 not far from the Shade Hotel. Everything you say is true except for Shellback. I think they have the best chicken tenders in the world and the shrimp quesadilla isn’t bad either. Even Mark Cuban has been seen there. I just landed in Amsterdam and although I know I’m going to love river boating on the Rhine I won’t be sorry to return home. I noticed Johnny Jets address in Manhattan Beach when I signed up for the newsletter only to find its the post office not far from my house. Can’t blame him for not using an actual address.

  23. Frank|

    My wife and I went there last year when we had a few days in LA. It is just a perfect place to stop. We went to Venice Beach, but it did not have the nice vibe of manhattan beach. You are spot on Johnny

    1. Anonymous|

      Yes! Johnny is spot on!!!!!!! LOVE Manhattan and Hermosa Beach!!!!!!!!

      1. Lyn|

        I love it too! I have lived in Manhattan for 42 years. It is paradise on earth. I never take it for granted.

  24. Alan Ball|

    Fantastic post. Thanks for the spot on advice!

  25. NP80|

    Ocean Express Trolley
    A cheaper alternative is to take the Ocean Express Trolley which offers hop-on and hop-off shuttle service every 30 minutes to Manhattan Beach (and El Segundo) for $5.

    OET’s website states they are not for public transportation and are only available for hotel guests.

    1. R2d2griff|

      Just found out that the closest place to get a ticket is at the Concourse Hotel which is about a 0.6 mile walk from Terminal 1 or you can take the Quickbus from the Airport to it.

  26. Chris|

    We were stuck I’m LAX for about 10 hours as there was a malfunction with the plane but we couldn’t leave as we had no info when they could repair the plane. Wish we could have got out to check this area of LA

  27. Marri Cunniff|

    Always look forward to your Newsletter…always come away with valuable tips! You remind us of why we live in the Southbay!!

    1. Ken Jensen|

      Johnny is AWESOME!!!! The southbay ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous|

    Thank you for this page. We’ve just enjoyed a couple of hours in the sun on Manhatten beach after a 14 hour flight with a 5 hour wait. Let’s hope the sea breeze got rid of any jet lag :)

    1. Liz Lemon|

      Anon – can I ask how you ended up getting to and from the beach? I’m hoping to not have to take a cab, but from reading bus schedules (assuming I’m reading them correctly..!) they seem to take about an hour each way. Not sure I’d be able to cope with an hour-long bus ride after being on a plane for 16 hours! Any tips would be much appreciated :)

      1. Johnny Jet|

        The bus is slow — I’ve never taken it since it’s not worth the time it takes to me. I would take a taxi from the airport and then Uber X back to the airport

        1. Anonymous|

          Cheers Johnny! Taxi it is then :) Definitely looking forward to some beach time between flights! One more question – what are temperatures like in early December?

          1. Johnny Jet|

            It’s usually 65-50 but could be colder at nigh

          2. Anonymous|

            Thanks Johnny :)

  29. Heiner|

    Thank you a lot for this suggestions. We had four extra hours between returning our RV after our vacation and our flight back to Germany. After finding your blog by chance, we checked in our heavy luggage first and then took a taxi to Manhattan beach, walked down the pier, had lunch at Petros and strolled on the beach. That was really the perfect final to our vacation and soooo much better than sitting in the lounge (although LAX Star Alliance lounge is also much better than many others..).

    1. Solo|

      Johnny love the blog post very insightful and thorough
      My question is I have a short layover in late January for 4 hours.
      What’s the temperature like? would it look weird for me to walk around the beach with my luggage?

      1. Johnny Jet|

        You never know what the temp will be. Today was 59 but next week will be 72

  30. Cal|

    My fiance and I will be on a 10 hour layover overnight at LAX in January on the way back from our honeymoon. Is Manhattan Beach open at night? It would be fun to walk along the beach. Is there anything else to do on an overnight layover in LA? We aren’t much for partying.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You can walk on the beach at night. Only restaurant that will be open is The Kettle

  31. Salevara|

    Thanks for the tips, I’m visiting from New York this Friday-Sunday, first time in Cali, and by myself 0_0!! At least I’ll have some things to look forward to. This should prove to be an experience.

    1. ken Jensen|

      You’ll love Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach! It’s Southern California!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

  32. Jake|

    Hi, thanks for the tip! We are scheduled to arrive into LAX at 7am, and our flight out leaves at 3.30pm. Not sure given this timeframe, what we could do to make the most of the long layover… Manhanttan beach sounds great, but not keen on the idea of dragging our carryon luggage around with us. Though, still would be great to go and get some breakfast, and lunch before heading back to the airport… Is there locker at LAX?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’ve never used this service but there’s http://www.laxluggagestorage.com/

  33. Alex|

    Awesome tips, Johnny! I will only have a 3-hour layover on a Monday, arriving at 2:38 pm and departing at 5:45 pm. Will that give me enough time for a quick trip to MB? I used to live in LA and recall the traffic flowing mainly South during the afternoon commute. However, that was back in 1999. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  34. Anonymous|

    Where at lax do i catch the ocean express that goes to Manhattan Beach for5.00

  35. Mike|

    Thanks for the article. LA officials have recently voted to allow Uber/Lyft to pick up from LAX, so this will be an even more attractive option.

  36. Kelli|

    Hi Johnny!

    Can you suggest a private chauffeur service for a 14 hour layover for a honeymoon couple? I heard great things about LA Platinum Tours but they are booked the dates we need. Always prefer a recommendation.

    Was thinking about Santa Monica Beach but I liked Joe Aro’s suggestion for Hermosa Beach.

    Looking for something more romantic, relaxing before they fly to Australia. She would prefer to shop, he would prefer something more laid back. I just don’t know the LAX area.

    Unless you think a posh LA hotel would be better. They have no interest in hitting a LAX hotel unless it was actually inside the airport (I know there are plenty to choose from 2 miles away).
    Thank you for any suggestions!

    Hermosa Beach

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Why not Manhattan Beach? Book a room at Shade Hotel. He can go to the beach and she can take Uber’s around to the local shops (every possible store is within 3 miles).

  37. Joao|

    Tiffany – Love the photos! You dtfeniiely caught all of the action the happy tears, the funny moments, the dance off, EVERYTHING! You guys are an awesome (and funny/fun) duo!

  38. rmp5s|

    Being from southern California originally, but living in Phoenix now, I desperately needed some beach in my life. I did some searching around in anticipation of a four hour layover at LAX on my way to San Antonio, TX and found this article.

    Great advise! I Uber’d over to the beach (which was expensive as only the executive car service was available) no problem, got my feet wet and sandy, took a million pics, had a couple beers at the bar right there while looking at the ocean, then Uber’d back in time for my flight. It was awesome!

    I have a STRONG feeling this will not be my last time doing this. Thanks for the info! :-D

  39. ED|

    Wow, Thanks for the memories. Lived in Redondo Beach while going to college in 1966-1969, But, stayed in Manhattan Beach..

  40. Kristen|

    Hey I have a 3 hour layover at LAX, do you think that will give me enough time to head to MB and back? Thx!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Three hours is about the cutoff. If you have TSA PreCheck then for sure.

  41. Nirmala|

    Really nice post, I love it.We got a lot of information about manhattan beach.Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  42. fred glick|

    Fishing with dynamite is another great eatery.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  43. Steven Waxman|

    Great info thanks. I was wondering if you knew of a place where I may store my luggage while I mess around in Manhattan Beach.

  44. Officiant|

    Very good advice. For me, it would be a toss up between Manhattan Beach and Culver City.

  45. Emma John|

    Informative article. Thanks for shearing.

  46. marjorie|

    Great tips ! But could you tell me where I can store my luggage in Manhattan Beach ?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Try LuggageHero.com

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