The New York Times had an excellent article this week titled “How to Ditch Those Annoying Bags.” Of course, I clicked it because finding a place to store your luggage safely when you travel is always a challenge, especially if it’s just during a layover between flights. The article featured a website called LuggageHero, “which offers online booking with a credit card — thus, eliminating the need for users to have local currency on hand — is one of the most recent players to expand its services. In December the company began operating in New York, where today it has some 250 locations. It was founded in Copenhagen in 2016 and expanded to London in 2017, where there are more than 100 locations. In New York, the fee is $2 an hour per bag for the first 24 hours, which includes up to $2,000 insurance coverage for each bag. (You don’t pay more than $12 per bag for the first 24 hours.) The company plans to have a few hundred more locations in New York by the end of the year, and begin operating in more cities as well.”

There are other sites that offer this service, too:

  • Stasher works with thousands of shops and hotels worldwide where you can safely store your bag. It costs $6 per day, insurance included, and there are no size restrictions. Bookings must be made online, use coupon code JOHNNYJET for 20% off

Keep in mind that most companies say in their fine prints that you should not keep cash, jewelry, or other important and fragile items in your bags while they’re in storage.



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