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Recently, I was at the beach with my family. My son just loves the beach – it’s his favorite place to be. He loves digging in the sand with his shovel, filling his bucket with water and making sandcastles. On this particular day, we walked down to the shore and spotted a couple of dads with young kids playing with a toy I’d never seen before. It was a plastic surfer on a little surfboard and I overheard the little girl say, “Daddy, can you throw the surfer boomerang really far?”

Surfer boomerang? My curiosity was piqued. Was he going to throw it in the air like a traditional boomerang? Or was he just going to throw the toy into the waves, even though neither he nor the kids were in bathing suits, and hope for the best? I was intrigued and hoped the toy wasn’t going to be gone forever.

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Well, sure enough, the father tossed the surfer boomerang into the waves (it’s not recommended for waves over three feet) and the toy turned right side up and the surfer dude rode the wave in.

I have to say, it was awesome. Jack loved it and said, “Daddy, I want a surfer boomerang!” The friendly guy heard him and handed it to Jack to give it a try. After one toss of the Surfer Dude (the toy’s official name), my son was hooked. He seriously would not stop asking for one and he’s never done that before.

I looked up at my wife and saw her tapping on her phone, which meant she was either making a note or ordering one, since Jack’s birthday was the following week. But let’s be honest: Even if it wasn’t my son’s birthday, after I saw that little Surfer Dude in action, I knew I’d be getting one. Either for Jack or for myself.

We went down to the beach last night to play with it and I took some video (see below) and pictures of it in action. It just takes a minute to assemble (my wife did it in the car on the way to the beach) and I’m happy to report, no tools or Master’s degrees are required.

After throwing it in the water, a group of teenage kids walked by and with huge smiles, yelled, “That’s so cool!” It really is. The Surfer Dude rode those waves like a pro. It righted itself every single time and came right back to us. It was so much fun.

The Surfer Dude is only $19.99 and I’m predicting that it’s going to be one of the hottest Christmas gifts of 2020. It’s the perfect toy for the beach and will not only entertain kids but adults (and strangers), too!

Surfer Dudes comes in a variety of fun colors and you can choose a surfer dude or a surfer gal It’s 2.1 x 4.4 x 11.8 inches and weighs just 7 ounces. Recommended for 3 years and up. Always make sure your child is supervised and knows not to run into the water after it. Buy Surfer Dude here

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  1. Susan Morse|

    It is so smart of a husband to listen to a wife and follow through with her suggestions! Sorry your editor has been discontinued. The new look is GREAT so far.

  2. Charlie|

    Yo, dude! The new layout is rad!! And the toy is, like, totally gnarly!!! (Kudos to Natalie!!)

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