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I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen our fair share of airline passengers behaving badly of late. Whether you’ve witnessed it yourself or have just read about it online, it seems there’s a growing number of passenger incidents in airports and on airplanes across the country.

Airplane cabin interior.Some infractions are much bigger than others. Remember this incident last year? American Airlines Passenger Urinates on Seatmate on Long-Haul Flight. And this one: VIDEO: Out of Control Passenger Flips Her Lid at Check-in Counter. There have been too many to count.

But then there are also the smaller, annoying things that other passengers do that really drive travelers nuts. There’s reclining your seat (is it a do or a don’t?), passengers putting nail polish on and speaking loudly on their phone or listening to movies without headphones … here are 10 more air travel pet peeves and how to deal with them.

A recent thread on Reddit shows a passenger doing something that I’ve never seen before and frankly, I hope I never do. And I certainly hope it doesn’t become a trend. A passenger on a six-hour American AIrlines red-eye flight from Miami to Seattle somehow thought it was okay to use a phone charging cord that had bright, multi-colored flashing lights. I can only assume that the company that made this cord also wrote the song Baby Shark. See video below:

This woman’s charger in my row during a 6+ hour red eye flight
byu/tsitsifly22 inmildlyinfuriating

This is obnoxious, oblivious, inconsiderate, rude, thoughtless and selfish behavior. I would have said something even if they were using it on a day flight because it’s just plain (or should I say ‘plane’) wrong.

If this happens to you, I would either ask the person if they would like to use your charger or tell a flight attendant and let them handle it. It’s extremely inconsiderate and should not be allowed. Plus, you never know but it could trigger an epileptic seizure in a fellow passenger.

If you’re in the market for a wireless portable charger, here are four recommendations from a tech expert. I always bring this portable phone charger on my trips, which is popular with flight attendants because it’s inexpensive, you can charge your devices on the go and you won’t have to worry if your plane has a power outlet.

And since you can’t control rude passengers like the one above, be sure to bring a comfy eye mask and ear plugs so you can escape — at least mentally.


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