At least three employees of Swiss International Air Lines (aka Swiss) have found themselves in hot water after someone posted a video taken from the Buenos Aires International Airport in Argentina. RELATED: Southwest Crew Dance on Jet Bridge With Passengers In Soon To Be Viral Video

Watch the video below:

The incident took place on Swiss flight 93 from Buenos Aires to Sao Paolo and then on to Zurich. There were no passengers on board at the time and from the short 37-second video uploaded to X, formerly known as Twitter, it appears that it was two flight attendants and a pilot.

However, according to a translated version local Swiss news site, the man with stripes on his shirt was not a captain but rather “one of the two cabin chiefs,” which makes sense because you would think the captain knows better than to engage in this dangerous behavior.

Because yes, it is dangerous. Swiss spokesman, Michael Pelzer, told, “What looks like fun in the video is life-threatening. The wings of the Boeing 777 are about five meters high. A fall from that height onto the hard surface can be devastating. This behavior will not be tolerated.”

I’m not sure what the crew members were thinking as they must have known its against airline policy and common sense not to walk, prance and pose on the wing of a 777 or any aircraft. But they do now.

Obviously, if someone slips and falls it’s dangerous but if they step on a portion of the wing that reads NO STEP, then they and all the passengers could be in real big trouble.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen publicity stunts where Vegas dancers were on the wings of an aircraft but I can’t find anything online. But I think more than anything, the airline is worried about optics and safety. It doesn’t look great that your employees are out dancing on the wing of a plane and in this day and age, everyone has a camera to capture anything unusual.

What do you think? Is it a big deal what these three crew members did? Should they get fired? Leave a comment.

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1 Comment On "Airline Crew Find Themselves in Hot Water After Dancing and Posing on Wing of 777"
  1. Larry Moran|

    Hi Johnny, I hope all is well with you, Natalie and your children. I can’t blame TicTok and social media generally for the apparent human gene that allows, encourages(?), and/or ignores risky behavior in humans. I would prefer that the flight crew members in question. Don’t get fired, but I do think some punishment is in order. I guess if you asked them why they did it. They could possibly quote Steve McQueen in the film the Magnificent Seven. When asked by a bandit chief why he did something, he told a story with the punchline… “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”🤣 Stay well Sir, and safe/happy travels. Larry Moran, Waterbury, CT.

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