Yesterday’s tip was about how to deal with hotel shampoo and conditioner dispensers if your eyesight isn’t great. I think everyone over 45 can probably relate (45 is when I had to start using readers).

Why you might not want to use the shampoo and conditioner dispensers in hotels.You really feel your age when you get into a hotel shower and find that the print on everything is so small, you can’t read it. So I feel like I’m playing Russian roulette trying to figure out which one is shampoo, which one’s conditioner and which one is body wash. The order should be universal: shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Or possibly body wash, shampoo, conditioner.

Whoever puts conditioner first is either a knucklehead or is playing a cruel joke on old people. Although, my wife tells me that there is something called ‘reverse hair washing‘ but come on … I don’t believe most people do that.

Anyway, it was comforting to read numerous comments from readers who agreed with me.

Nicole wrote: “This is so factual it’s comical. I’m happy it’s not just me that feels this way.”

Mike K: “Hear you Johnny! love the Russian roulette comment. I’ve started to read them before I take my glasses off and put the washcloth over the shampoo so I know.”

Reader Barbara posted: “What is just as bad with these new dispensers is at a hotel with both shower and bathtub there are no dispensers or individual containers for the bathtub. This has happened at two different 4 stars. After sanitizing the bathtub I had to pump bodywash from the shower into a glass to take my bath.”

Betty writes: “I’m on this bandwagon as well. Equally as frustrating is when you get in for first time and the shampoo is all gone…”

However, these gripes are nothing compared to what I’m about to share with you. My wife (our editor, who I met on a press trip) did some additional research for yesterday’s tip and found this disturbing TikTok from a former hotel manager. I realized I shouldn’t be complaining about the too small print or the order of the hotel dispensers because there’s something far worse to be concerned about. See the video embedded below.

@melly_creations Replying to @sodickstracted As a former hotel manager here are additional items I won’t use. #hotels #hotelstay #dontuse #advice ♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282

Video creator Melly says she “will never use these refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles in the tub that are like this [she shows screw top bottles fastened on a shower wall] where people can put anything in it. I’ve seen Nair and God knows what else in there.”

She then shows a different type of dispenser, which she says she will use because: “If you look, you have to unlock them to open and refill.” This is good advice.

In college, a friend of mine did indeed put Nair in a shampoo bottle once as a prank that went too far on his college roommates. It’s insane, of course, but if one of my mild-mannered friends could think of something like that then who knows what others might do.

The comments in Melly’s TikTok seem to agree. Here are a few:

Tee: “Former housekeeper (of a 5⭐️) no lies were told here ….also don’t use the glass dishes unless you bring dish soap and wash them first”

AboveTheCrest: “As a former houskeeping manager at Disney I also NEVER use glass cups in rooms. Also, immediately search for bed bugs before settling in”

kewie21” “ignorance is bliss… leave me alone 😂😂😂🥰 lol”

Bailey: “I’m getting to the point where I just need to bring my own house on vacation 😅”

KatieAnne: “New fear unlocked.”


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1 Comment On "'New fear unlocked': Why you might not want to use those hotel shampoo dispensers"
  1. Earl Baker|

    Totally saw this problem coming the minute hotels started installing the institutional group shampoo bottles. Years ago I bought a big box of small soap bars on Amazon, and a re-fillable travel-size shampoo bottle. So now my standard travel kit includes my own bars of soap, and my own shampoo. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised and a hotel actually provides soap (NOT body wash) and decent individual shampoos. But more and more, whether hotel or Airbnb, I’m glad I bring my own shower supplies.

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