According to Asian News International (ANI), “An Indian passenger allegedly urinated on a US co-passenger mid-flight on an American Airlines (AA-292) flight to New Delhi from New York, an official said on Sunday. A 21-year-old Indian was identified as Arya Vohra who is a student in the US. He urinated on a US citizen on March 4 while he was drunk.” I don’t know which is worse: This incident or the time a drunk American Airlines passenger threw up on his first class seatmates.

It’ll come as no surprise that alcohol was to blame as it seems to be the culprit in almost every mid-flight altercation … and definitely when urination is involved. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened and probably won’t be the last.

According to FlightAware (screenshot above), the 14-hour, 51-minute flight took off on-time at 8:30pm and landed in India a few minutes early at 9:23pm local time. American operates a 777-300 on this route and it’s not clear where the passenger was seated but it appears to be the last row of business class. Partial seat map shown below, thanks to SeatGuru.

What is clear is that Vohra is going to pay heavily, since American Airlines has already banned him … and that’s probably the least of his concerns. A spokesperson told The Independent that “American Airlines flight 292 from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) was met by local law enforcement upon arrival in Delhi due to a disruptive customer.” And according to ANI, the airport’s deputy chief of police Devesh Kumar Mahla said, “the suspect would still be prosecuted for ‘endangering flight safety’ under India’s Civil Aviation Act,” adding that Mr Vohra was handed over to Delhi Police before being released on Sunday afternoon.

He also runs the risk that the school he’s attending kicks him out and the U.S. cancels his student visa.

ANI says, “the Purser informed that the passenger was heavily intoxicated, and was not adhering to crew instructions on board. He was repeatedly arguing with the operating crew, was not willing to be seated and continuously endangering the safety of crew and aircraft and after disturbing safety of fellow passengers, finally urinated on pax seated on 15G.” Vohra is 21 years old, apparently without a parent nearby, and sitting in business class with flight attendant’s offering alcohol every few minutes so what did you expect? Obviously not was his parents were expecting.

More details about the incident are in this news report below:

YouTube video

AA’s Business Class on their 777-300
AA’s Business Class on their 777-300 is plush as each seat turns into a flatbed 75 inches long and with 43 inches of pitch (legroom).

In case you’re wondering, a one-way ticket on this route isn’t cheap. The same Saturday flight two weeks from now will set you back $6,362.

Randomly, I happened to be traveling through John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) the day American Airlines launched this nonstop service and they made a big deal out of it … as they should since flying nonstop from the U.S. to India during the pandemic was quite remarkable. It was Friday, November 12th and American Airlines was setting a stage up for a press event, which included representatives from both countries. I’m sure they’ve all been informed of this incident.


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30 Comments On "American Airlines Passenger Urinates on Seatmate on Long-Haul Flight and Yep, You Guessed What's to Blame"
  1. Jess|

    Why did you even mention his parents. He’s an adult and must be treated as one. His parents had NOTHING to do with this. At 21 your old enough to make all decisions regarding your conduct.

  2. Mike Roberts|

    He would have remained unconscious for the remainder of the flight 😵…as a service to my fellow passengers of course…

  3. Anonymous|

    Alcohol is NOT the problem. The drinker is the problem.

  4. HB|

    “You Guessed What’s To Blame” NOT ALCOHOL!

    The person choosing to consume so much alcohol that they are impaired, THEY’RE TO BLAME!

  5. Amelia|

    Point blank. Stop serving alcohol on flights. End of story.

  6. Theo|

    Hundreds of flights take off daily, alcohol has been a staple on flights since the beginning of air travel. How many people have been served alcohol on board and not acted amok? Likely billions. Yet somehow a handful of cases involving poorly behaving drinks, defines alcohol as the problem? SMH

  7. Kris Johnson|

    Hold AA responsible like any Alcohol Bureau
    would do a bar or a bartender. The airlines get away with making up their own rules. Cause & Effect with alcohol on a long flight is a no brainer. Accountability for providing over the limit alcohol beverages by AA should be the topic too.

  8. Clayton|

    Totally agree Jess. Treat adults as adults and he certainly was one by age if not by behaviour.

    Would be interesting to hear just how long , and how severe, his acting up went on for ( BOTH have a marked baring). IF, and I stress, if it was that bad and he was genuinely risking the flight then he couldve been put down anywhere beforehand. The authorities of whichever country would be obligated to deal with it as per numerous treaties and the peeing could’ve been avoided.

    That said we don’t have full details or any firm timelines so it is hard to judge. Naturally if it’s not ‘that’ bad you’d continue on to destination but with a decent counsel he’d have cause to shirk at least some responsibility. Not that I think he’s due any but it opens up doors. Admittedly said doors will close swiftly based on Indias totally uncorrupt, free, fair and unbiased legal system

  9. Missy|

    What about the poor guy who he urinated on? That’s a bio hazard problem. I would be demanding that he be held on charges for that. Blacklist the idiot from all airlines. He is an out of control passenger and could potentially hurt someone. Also I thought that there was an unspoken rule about how many drinks can be offered. Flight attendants need to learn the signs of drunkenness and cut of those that are at that point.

  10. Alcohol protester|

    When will airlines STOP contributing to drunkenness and outrageous behaviors?!?!? Alcoholic beverages on planes should be BANNED!!!! Anyone suffering assaults as a result of an intoxicated passenger should SUE the airline and flight attendants!!! If pub/bars and servers/bartenders can be sued for irresponsibly supplying alcohol why can’t the airline and attendants!?!

  11. Mark|

    Why does the persons ethnicity matter especially how it was disclosed is suspect!

  12. Anonymous|

    I just returned from Thailand and was on 13 hour flights. I was not offered alcohol the entire time only at dinner time. No one else was drinking the entire time and that is for sure I was in business class as well. The passenger is the problem not the alcohol, not the flight attendant or the airlines.

  13. Dan|

    The “American citizen” was also an Indian older lady. Shame on the drunkard. Ppl must be responsible. Airline should have cut off his drinks.

  14. neil|

    deport him today.

  15. Felicia Cockle|

    Drunk or not … be it alcohol or water you know when you have to urinate. Why did he consume so much alcohol? Why did he wait to go urinate? You can feel … even when drunk the urge to urinate. Maybe the airlines need to re-think alcohol on the flights But it’s the responsibility and fault of the passenger.

  16. Dj|

    Ok you stated where the guy was sitting that was urinated on but where exactly was the guy sitting that did the urinating?? By looking at the chart and looking at the seat itself I don’t know how he even urinated on the guy unless he was standing beside him…

  17. Siedah Singleton|

    As an Adult drunk or not we should always know how to carry ourselves in the public eyes! No excuse… and yes as a flight attendant also an adult we kno the signs of intoxication or disruptive or rude in any kind of way… flight attendants should have had that under better control… 1st and foremost… My apologies to the former passenger but you absolutely have a case with that person and American Airlines… be sure to be compensated

  18. ruko|

    Guns are not the problem either. It’s a people problem.

  19. David Ladd|

    One problem that needs to addressed is HOW you cut a passenger off when they’ve reached the limit (whatever that is). Some people will graciously accept NO for an answer but there are quite a few that lose their sense of humor after a few drinks. Are you going to make the flight attendants become enforcers? What about the person that spent a couple of hours in the sky lounge pre-flight, then gets their 3 more on the plane. I haven’t noticed too many big and burly looking flight attendants in my flying days and not all flights have sky marshal service.

  20. Anonymous|

    Sue the airlines. Only way to stop it

  21. Riz|

    “India’s totally uncorrupt, free, fair and unbiased legal system”? Really!!!

  22. Codi|

    I’ve never read such an idiotic and insensitive article.
    Articles like this not only reflect on your level of prejudice and sense of entitlement, but also damage your company’s reputation.

  23. Nunaya Gonnagettit|

    I’ve been trained by my media overlords to blame it on white privilege – what shade is his complexion? 🤨

  24. Rsm61|

    Why would anyone expect a 21 year old man’s parents to be around? Why would that even be mentioned? Was he mentally retarded (or whatever today’s politically correct term is)?

  25. Peter Parker|

    Wow. If this condescending tool who wrote this had any idea how many people drink while flying (or even shopping for that matter) that they have no clue even had any thing to drink they might not sound so stupid.
    Alcohol is not the problem, the moron over drinking is the problem.
    This is author is the type of person who complains to have fast food portions changed because some people are obese…
    Make People take responsibility again.
    Quit blaming inanimate objects for people’s actions.

  26. Bruce Harris|

    what’s his parents got to do with it? He’s 21 years old! At 21 you’re allowed to get drunk and act like an a-hole and it’s your parents responsibility still? Or 21 and an a-hole and you get a free pass and mommy and daddy take away your Nintendo for a week??!???!? HE’S 21!! Geeeshh!

  27. Charles|

    Who knows maybe his seat mate was into that type of thing

  28. Darryl Warren|

    I blame alcohol and the person consuming it for this outlandish behavior. It’s legal but it’s still a drug.

  29. Lori Halderson|

    It’s the neuro degenerate epidemic…

  30. George|

    My friend works for an airline, today airlines don’t care what happens, they only care that any bad letters are taken to the employee. It has gotten so bad that my friend says most employee will not anything not to get a bad complaint. The employees are push to the limit and guilty until they can prove their innocents. The airlines don’t care about passengers getting drunk, just as long as the profits keep rolling in. Society needs to set the rules and expect airline industry to abide by them. Why are you concerned about this issue?, but if a person can get free drinks in an exit seat and still be responsible for opening a door or window in an emergency. It’s afouble edged sword and society needs to set the standards and force the FAA to follow societies rules.

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