I’m not sure if this video is fake or not because I just can’t imagine someone having the gall to just do yoga in the aisle of an airplane mid-flight. However, you can hear the sound of the engine humming and passengers yelling at the attention seeker, so it could be real. But I don’t recognize the trident logo on the seat so if you know, please let me know in the comments section.


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I’ve flown millions of miles and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things, including passengers doing yoga in the airport and on a plane. But with the exception of people doing some kind of acrobatic yoga at a gate at LAX (pictured below), they’ve always done it discreetly, usually in the back galley on a long flight and they do it just for a couple of minutes to stretch.

Airport yoga at LAX.
But the guy in the video above, posted by Passenger Shaming, is either doing it for attention, to go viral, or to annoy his seatmates and not for exercise. In the video, you can hear passengers yell, “Hey kid, sit down,” “What are you doing,” and “Come on, get out of the way.”

It’s possible this scenario is staged because most airplane passengers wouldn’t stand for it (pun intended). If they’re trying to get to or from the lavatory and someone is pulling a stunt like this, they’re just going to squeeze by or, like @haveyouseenmarco commented: “Just gotta keep walking like he isn’t there 😂.”

Others like @lauralp730 quipped, “If those feet would have touched me it would be over for him real quick. He’d have to go from Yoga to martial arts immediately 😂.”

Somebody who goes by @moonlitt_gypsy has what I think is the most reasonable explanation: “This isn’t a real situation, they’re doing training, although I’m sure similar has happened on flights haha, this is just a group of people acting so that crew can train how to handle situations like this.” If this is true it makes sense, but I feel bad for the actor because he’s easily recognizable.

Mickcatty posted, “Why do people lose their common sense and courtesy on planes 🤷‍♂️.” With all of the viral videos out there, it’s a great question but I think things like this have been going on for a while, it’s just that now, everyone has a smart phone and can quickly capture footage we otherwise would never have seen.

In fact, I uncovered another video of a woman doing yoga on an airplane that was posted seven years ago, which is just as bad as (or worse than?) the video above. Check it out here:

YouTube video

On the flip side, of course, stretching on an airplane is good for your body, especially on long flights … and the flight crew may even recommend it. Here’s one passenger’s funny video about his experience on a Spirit Airlines flight:

YouTube video

So, what do you think? Is yoga on an airplane a do or a don’t?


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3 Comments On "Is Yoga on an Airplane a Thing? Some Passengers Seem to Think So"
  1. Marlin|

    I would like it as long as it’s an attractive lady, but have no interest in some guy doing it.

  2. John Conroy|

    On a recent ORD to LHR on BA. I had an exit row seat. Twice, a woman decided to do yoga in the space from my seat to the bulkhead. Not a pleasant experience when a women in tight pants in her fifties goes through her routine. Not to mention the tooting from her backside.
    Two other people in my row called for an attendant. Nothing she could do since the seat belt sign was off. I asked the attendant quietly to have the Captain turn on the seat belt sign. Never happened.
    Luckily I had an eye mask and ear plugs. Sadly, no nose plugs.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Yikes! Thanks for sharing. Next time get a photo or video so we can post about it

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