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I’ve traveled a lot and I’m happy to say I’ve only come across two used condoms while on the road. Once was behind a closet door in a mid-range hotel room and the other was on the beach. There may have been another but I think I blocked it out of my memory and for good reason.

Passengers on a recent United Airlines flight can now add an airplane to their list of places they’ve had the misfortune of spotting a used condom. And unfortunately, it wasn’t sticking out of the lavatory trash can as one might expect. Instead, this one was clinging to the overhead bin. See embedded photo below from a post shared on X by Elyssa Bumcrot, with the caption, “Always an adventure flying #UnitedAirlines And on a #boeing737 ! There’s a used condom hanging on an overhead bin 🤢”

I don’t know and don’t even want to venture a guess as to how it got there but I just hope no one touched it when they went to open or close the bin. I don’t think anyone did because fellow passengers probably would have heard them scream. I’m shrieking inside just thinking about it.

United’s customer service was on it immediately, responding with: “Hi there. We are sorry to see this. When you have a moment please DM your confirmation number.”

Surprisingly, there was only one other comment but it was a funny one. Kristine DeBaeke tweeted, “A totally new meaning for snakes on a plane. 🐍🍆🐍”

She’s not kidding. I tried to find more information like which route this incident occurred on but all I could find was a post on airline policies for bringing condoms on-board an aircraft titled: Serious Question: Can You Bring Condoms on a Plane? via Medium.

Of course you can bring condoms on a plane and United’s official policy, according to the March 8, 2024 article is: “United Airlines allows personal items, including condoms, in both carry-on and checked luggage, following TSA regulations. The airline supports the needs and privacy of its passengers, ensuring they can travel with essential personal items.”

If, for some reason, you Googled this question and you’re reading this post, please, for the love of God, if you do bring condoms on the plane, don’t use them until you arrive at your destination and don’t leave them in or on the overhead bin. One would think this goes without saying but … apparently not. That’s why I never travel without these to-go packs of Clorox disinfectant wipes and this hand sanitizer.

H/T View from the Wing

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