Everyone’s favorite soccer coach (or should I say, ‘football coach’) Jason Sudeikis, aka the impossible-not-to-love Ted Lasso, was recently interviewed by GQ about his Super Bowl commercial, his favorite places to travel and his love of hotel balconies. RELATED: The Secret Ted Lasso Biscuit Recipe to Enjoy

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I always love reading about celebrities and travel. When money is no object, where do they love to travel to? What are their favorite hotels? What products do they always travel with? We recently wrote about the unusual thing Jennifer Aniston always packs when she travels to Europe and Drew Barrymore’s list of travel essentials.

Jason Sudeikis’ most beloved role is that of Ted Lasso who, if you’re unfamiliar, is the lead character from a popular Apple TV+ series of the same name. In the television show, he’s portrayed as an earnest and optimistic American football coach who unexpectedly finds himself coaching a professional soccer (football) team in England. Ted Lasso is known for his unorthodox coaching methods, unwavering positivity, and folksy charm. Despite his lack of experience in soccer, Ted’s sincerity and genuine care for his team win over skeptics and gradually transform the culture of the club. He’s portrayed as a beacon of positivity and a symbol of resilience, embodying themes of sportsmanship, leadership, and personal growth throughout the series.

In other words, Ted Lasso is a solid, down-to-earth guy. And from his recent GQ interview, it sounds like Jason Sudeikis is, in that way, much like his much-loved character.

Sudeikis was asked: “What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled?” Now, if I was a wealthy, Hollywood-type, I’m pretty sure I’d be spending my hard-earned dollars in those places that most people only dream about. Maybe Tahiti, the Maldives or the Seychelles. I think most of us assume that celebrity travel involves Penthouse suites, exclusive private islands and of course, lots of Champagne.

Well, you know what they say happens when you assume? Sudeikis gave a most unexpected answer. “Golly, the first one that comes to mind because I was there recently—and I did live there, my folks are from there—I always feel a strong affection for Chicago,” he told GQ. “I think the bulk of America would live in Chicago if it weren’t for the winters. I just think it’s an incredible city. Great sports, great culture, great art and theater, food, really nice people. I loved my time living there in the late ‘90s.”

Chicago. Huh. Not at all what I would have guessed. But from a guy who starts his sentence with the word ‘golly’, maybe not so surprising after all.

Coming in at second place on his list of favorite places to travel to is New York, which he calls his second home. “I still find it as thrilling as ever whenever I get to go back there,” he says. He also mentions Amsterdam and New Orleans, rounding out his list of unexpected travel destinations.

And what’s on his travel bucket list? Well, you’ll have to hop on over to GQ to read the full interview and find out.


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