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I recently interviewed David J. Alwadish, who is the CEO of and arguably founded the passport expediting business decades ago. If you watch the interview below, you will see that David is a Yankees fan like myself (we were both wearing our NY Yankees caps). He was wearing his because after our interview, he was heading out to Yankee Stadium to watch the game and deliver an expedited passport to one of the executives. So you know he’s the real deal. RELATED: 12 Passport Tips That Will Save You Time, Money and Headaches

I asked David a lot of passport-related questions, including where people can get one in an emergency. I also offered some of my own advice like at the start of each new year, to always go find your passport and make sure it hasn’t expired or it’s not expiring within six months of any planned trips because some countries won’t let you in.

David agreed that’s good advice and said, “people should really plan ahead.” He then shared information about his new service offered at He says users can renew their passports on it and never move from the kitchen or the office, all for next to nothing. It also has a passport renewal reminder, which of course is very handy.

Once you create a profile and include your current passport expiration date, they will send you a reminder e-mail to renew one year in advance.

I asked David if the current situation with passport delays is going to get better (it’s at an all-time high) and he said, “I don’t know when it’s going to get better. It’s at its ugliest point in the last 40 years.”

David is a passport and visa expediter but says since COVID, they have had their allotted number of slots reduced. They might have had 100 before the pandemic but now they might have just 20 a day.

So, if someone needs to get a passport today, is it possible? David says,”before COVID, it was possible but it’s not possible today, no matter who they are.” He goes on to say that some people have resorted to calling their congressperson and senators, begging for help. And truthfully, they are overwhelmed. They almost can’t help anymore.

David says he can help in a few days but only if he has slots left.

He suggests that people who need an emergency passport first call the government hotline, then their congressperson or senator if they don’t want to pay for an expediter.

Some people might find available same-day appointments in offices outside their state. David says he knows people who have flown to Honolulu or San Juan, just to get an open slot.

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David says the government considers an emergency to be within 14 days. They wouldn’t even give you an appointment on your own if you’re not traveling within 14 days. They’re very strict about the 14 days.

Like me, David always recommends people check mark the 52-page passport instead of the 26-page passport so you can get more pages; you can no longer add pages to your passport like you used to be able to. Once you fill up your book, you need to get a new one. Keep in mind, some countries require back-to-back blank pages for visas.

David did share that a lot of business travelers get a second passport so they don’t have to wait to get any needed visas. However, a second passport is only valid for four years and you need to prove to the government why you need a second passport as they just don’t dole them out to anybody.

If you have time, you should listen to the podcast or watch the full video as David talked more about his services and gave some information about taking passport photos.

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The ItsEasy passport renewal app is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. It guides travelers through a step-by-step process to safely and securely complete customized government forms online, the ability to instantly take and upload their own photos, sign the application and send it along with their old passport and payment using the included trackable shipping label to’s team of experts will then pre-check the application for accuracy and review the photos to make sure they meet the State Department requirements before sending the application for processing. This new app release is capable of providing the user with two passport renewal options, as it has been designed to work in conjunction with the Department of State’s new online, “paperless” renewal program that is currently under development. The app-based passport renewal service price includes round-trip shipping and 24/7/365 customer support.

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Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:


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